Sunday, November 29, 2009

Daily Action( Serving an item of food

I Tecslicer, am serving an item of food to my table. I am letting you know here because there is no “Table” column in the GNDT.



11-29-2009 19:26:13 UTC

I have added the Table column.


11-29-2009 19:35:04 UTC

I initialized the values as per the rule. Go ahead and update the GNDT, Tec, but make sure you change the number of items on both your AND your partner’s entry, as you share a table.


11-29-2009 21:45:00 UTC

I know how to use the GNDT now, but how is the table column supposed to work? Do we subtract a number or add one? should it not be a item list?I.E. (Food, Food, Food, Cessna, Dirt, Poisend food, sword, your mom.)


11-29-2009 21:48:16 UTC

Maybe have “X empty spaces” at the end of the list?


11-29-2009 21:54:03 UTC

@tecslicer: It only holds the number.


11-29-2009 21:56:26 UTC

So do I add an integer?


11-29-2009 22:52:43 UTC add 1 to the current Table (and to Bucky’s). It’s really that simple.