Monday, May 25, 2009

Diary Entry - 05/24 arthexis

What the hell is going on now?! Was that just an earthquake this morning? No, not at all, that felt like an explosion in the outside! But… how do I know that? Have I been close to explosions previously in my life? This place is indeed a bunker, I’ve made sure to check every sealed door and window, we are quite a bit below the ground. Are we some sort of post-apocalyptic survivors? Or maybe some kind of test subjects? Are we better down here or up there?

It doesn’t matter, staying here will not reveal who I am. I need to know why I’m here, and what’s my past. I have to go to the outside even if it’s the last thing I do. Today I went to the gym to exercise, make sure that I am still on shape, just in case it’s needed… and I have a hunch it will be. Outside, here I come!



05-25-2009 01:41:28 UTC

How did you post a Diary Entry while I was in the Diary Room?  Or are you taking advantage of the loose wording of the CfJ that’s about to pass?


05-25-2009 02:35:08 UTC

This isn’t legal whether the CfJ passes or not.


05-25-2009 02:54:31 UTC

It’s a “clear, undisputable attempt” at a Diary Entry, even though it wasn’t made from the Diary room.


05-25-2009 03:01:15 UTC

Lol, then it’s unfortunate that I am disputing it, eh?