Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Dilemma #27 - The Vehicles

Most districts still maintain a few biofuelled runabouts for difficult haulage jobs and other emergencies. With leaders jockeying for position in the upcoming Conclave, some advisors suggest converting some of these pickups into patrol vehicles, so that they can scout out the borders and respond quickly to any conflicts that break out. Others say that any additional biofuel would do better serving the failing power systems.

Do the Districts establish patrol routes, or fuel the generators?

Patrol: Gain 1 Defences and Lose 1 Food*

Power: Gain 4 to your Energy Trap and Lose 1 Food*

* or lose 10 People instead if you are Starving


Josh: he/they

29-08-2023 08:49:22 UTC

It’s a delicate time; we have to ensure the security of the routes between our districts. I’ll invest in Patrol.


29-08-2023 11:04:15 UTC

Power. Fuel those generators.

lemon: she/her

29-08-2023 11:43:20 UTC

Power! our energy trap has been empty for too long.

JonathanDark: he/him

30-08-2023 13:44:46 UTC

Patrol. Now is the time to protect what we have.

lendunistus: he/him

30-08-2023 19:43:47 UTC

I power.