Saturday, November 01, 2008

Duel to First-Blood: Come On, People!

Someone please join the other two duels.


arthexis: he/him

01-11-2008 22:18:35 UTC

I’ll join. BTW, I don’t think anybody else will join the glorious death duel yet…


02-11-2008 00:14:03 UTC

That’s understandable, but the 12 rounds?

Hello Sailor:

02-11-2008 15:13:30 UTC

I’ll join.  You won’t defeat me so easily this time.


02-11-2008 21:08:22 UTC

Arth / HS

Grab / Kick (HS takes damage)


02-11-2008 21:09:45 UTC

Arthexis gains 6 honor.

arthexis: he/him

03-11-2008 02:34:52 UTC

Looks like I did defeat you easily this time too.