Friday, September 02, 2011

Proposal: Empty Your Pockets

Times out 5 votes to 2. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 04 Sep 2011 15:08:11 UTC

In the rule “Personal Belongings”, replace the paragraph beginning “If a Survivor has not done so yet” with:-

If a Survivor has a Pocket, they may empty it out to reveal an Item which they rescued from the SS Haniver before it sank - upon doing so, they may arbitrarily select an Item (with any Name, and no Flag other than an Uncertain Flag) which a human is both able to carry and able to conceal inside their clothing, and replace the Pocket with it.

In the “Eating and Sleeping” rule, replace “move one Item from the possession of that Survivor” with:

move one Item from the possession of that Survivor (other than a Pocket)

Give a “Pocket” item to every Survivor who has not yet revealed an Item which they rescued from the SS Haniver before it sank.

Fixing another untracked variable - which of the survivors have yet to reveal an Item. And tweaking it to “conceal inside clothing” - anybody now claiming to have had a lightweight canoe about their person for the past week, without anyone spotting it, is clearly delusional.

Wasn’t sure whether to give new/unidling players a pocket; I think probably not, on balance (otherwise an easy way to obtain any item you need would be to persuade a friend to join or unidle, produce it from their pocket and hand it to you).



09-02-2011 17:55:26 UTC

MMh. You never say a Pocket is an Item… imperial

Kevan: HE/HIM

09-02-2011 17:58:58 UTC

Well, I give a “Pocket” item to every Survivor. Once they’re all gone I suppose it just becomes meaningless. (I don’t think common English usage get anyone anywhere as you have to “replace the Pocket” with whatever item you’re creating.)


09-02-2011 18:24:27 UTC



09-02-2011 18:50:21 UTC

good point.


09-02-2011 20:32:11 UTC

against as it is unfair to new players.


09-02-2011 20:37:04 UTC

against No way! This rule would mean Survivor Items could never be edible.

Kevan: HE/HIM

09-02-2011 21:25:42 UTC

[Bucky] I imagine anyone who refuses to reveal what they smuggled off the ship will come under a lot of pressure to produce food or a useful tool, and if we don’t have explicit pocket-emptying mechanics, we’ll at least have ways to threaten players into turning out their pockets.

[Bateleur] The Captain “may also add an Edible Flag to any Uncertain Item at any time”. As more Flags get added, it’s going to become a problem when someone pulls out an Uncertain Edible Flammable Waterproof Medical Clue-bearing macguffin, purely to get whatever effects from it before the Captain can reject it as a hallucination.

Kevan: HE/HIM

09-02-2011 21:27:39 UTC

[Bucky] By which I mean we’ll run out of pockets before very long, and it’ll just be a mechanism by which we generated some random items at the start of the dynasty. It seems okay for the dynasty to have different stages, I don’t think new players would be that short-changed by it.

Darknight: HE/HIM

09-03-2011 01:52:57 UTC



09-03-2011 05:42:36 UTC

[Kevan] Depending on your definition of “problem”. From my perspective that seemed like a perfectly reasonable tactic! (Although of course it’s very much in keeping with the Captain’s role to torpedo such absurdities!)

Prince Anduril:

09-03-2011 09:55:30 UTC

for I guess, as it does make things make more sense.