Thursday, September 01, 2011

Proposal: ηβ

Reached quorum 8 votes to 1. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 02 Sep 2011 07:51:42 UTC

In rule “Personal Belongings” change the last two paragraphs to:

Some seemingly outlandish Items may have a more mundane explanation, on closer inspection. If the Captain feels that an Uncertain Item is particularly improbable, he may remove it and reduce its holder’s Sanity by 1.
Survivors may transfer one not Uncertain Item from their own Possession to the Possession of any other Survivor, but as the result of this action no Survivivor’s number of Items may exceed (3 + the number of Items owned by the Survivor(s) with least Items).

If it exists, repeal rule Salvaging.
Then create a new sub rule called “Salvaging!” under “Personal Belongings”:

On there is a list of object names, that is not part of the gamestate for technical reasons, but that Survivors should abstain from changing. This list is known as the Floating Rubbish. The names are divided in at least 19 numbered pages, 2 columns per page (left=1 right=2) and at most 25 rows per page (Ordered from the top to the bottom), so that every name may be identified bijectively by its column, row and page numbers. Whenever for any reason said website does not match this description, it’s not the Floating Rubbish.
As a weekly action, any Survivor may Attempt to Salvage an Item from the sea. To do so, they shall roll DICE3. On 1, they find nothing and their Attempt has no other effect. On 2 or 3, they find something. If so, they shall then roll DICE19 (page), DICE2 (column), DICE25 (row) to get the coordinates in the Floating Rubbish of the name of the Item they found. They shall then add to their possessions that Item with an Uncertain and a Damp Flag. (they may make minor changes to the form of the name if they write the original name in the GNDT comment field).
If for any reason related to the status or existence of the Floating Rubbish web page the identification of exactly one found Item was not possible, they would get nothing instead.

Two Three changes:
* unlimited object exchange - we have limits on giving objects but not on stealing. This begs to be abused by two Survivors that privately choose to be around at the same time. Added condition to prevent hoarding.
* Added a random object Salvaging system. Yes, it’s heavy, but I hope I considered everything. I used 1900-1925 time period since 1925 - 1950 contained mostly II WW objects that would have brought to mass sanity loss.
* If an Item is not consistent with the theme it’s now lost (instead of changing name)
When salvaging:
1/3: Nothing happens
2/3: You find something. In the best case scenario, you get a useful Life boat compass. In the worst, a Steam Locomotive “Duchess of Sutherland”, a clear sign of lunacy.


Kevan: HE/HIM

09-01-2011 08:59:38 UTC

These are three changes: you’re also saying that if the Captain finds an object improbable then it is destroyed rather than simply being renamed.


09-01-2011 09:45:09 UTC

Oh, yes. Sorry I forgot. That’s to make Salvaging risky.

Prince Anduril:

09-01-2011 12:14:09 UTC


Well done for doing this, I was too apathetic to word it properly.

Not 100% sure about “minor changes to the form of the name”, as this could potentially be used to change, or disguise the Item in question.


09-01-2011 12:20:08 UTC

Yes, but you have to write the original name in the comment, so we can see if the change is only minor and formal.


09-01-2011 14:25:13 UTC

for but shouldn’t there be a system where someone salvaging something from this list can’t be penalized for it not making sense? and also, a system for removing items from your possession without filling up someone else’s item slots?

Kevan: HE/HIM

09-01-2011 14:36:59 UTC


[Ely] It also makes the existing “rescued from the Haniver” mechanic a bit more risky (if you accidentally pick a foodstuff not invented until 1936, you don’t even get to eat it).

[Doctor29] The chance of coming back from the sea with nothing but a delusion seems fair enough, and stops this being a no-brainer action that there’s never any reason not to take. A mechanic for throwing stuff overboard would definitely be a good idea, though - feel free to propose it.


09-01-2011 16:05:12 UTC



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09-01-2011 21:12:45 UTC


Darknight: HE/HIM

09-02-2011 04:47:25 UTC


Prince Anduril:

09-02-2011 12:27:41 UTC

CoV then for