Monday, May 25, 2009

[Flavour] Filming

What with the new rules changes you’re planning, I’m pretty sure we’ll have someone voted Out soon. I’m going outside to set up the camera.
[The cameraman disappears off into the camera run.]
Wait, how did you get outside? You could at least have told me before leaving…
[The Host goes into the camera run, and sees that the cable has fallen out of the camera in the indoor garden, but it is otherwise unharmed and still broadcasting. He plugs the cable back into the camera.]
TV announcer
We can now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.
Welcome back to Reality TV; I apologise for the technical hitches we’ve been having, but everything seems to be working again now. The scene is largely as we left it; Darknight, Darth Cliche, and Influenza are still in the garden. They seem to be discussing an earthquake, or explosion, or something like that; nobody seems to know exactly what happened, although I’m sure they’ll have fun trying to find out! Whatever it was, it seems to have been pretty violent; the floor is covered in fruit. At least they have something to eat now!
Well, we’re coming to the end of our program; I apologise for not being able to bring you as much coverage as we’d hoped. Hopefully, everything will work more smoothly on our next episode. Until then, see you later!

Working the cameras doesn’t seem that hard after all; I should come down here more often. On the other hand, now the cameraman’s gone, who do I have to talk to? Maybe I should try to get some of the communication wires to the outside world working; after all, the camera signal gets out somehow, there should be a phone line here or something…


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