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Proposal: Get a Day Job

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Adminned at 10 Aug 2009 20:43:35 UTC

Create a new rule, “Groundhogs Predict the Weather”:

As a weekly action, the Phil may create a Weather Prediction Contest. To do so, the Phil creates a Story Post which contains the name of three cities (with a population of 521,999 or more) which exist in the world, followed by the name of one or more GNDT-tracked attributes and a number for each one of those attributes. The Contest is then considered Open. Then, any Bill Murray may post a comment to that Contest which becomes a Contest Entry if it meets these requirements:

* That Bill Murray has no other Contest Entries for that Contest.
* The comment contains a weather prediction for at least one of the three cities named by the Contest Post.
* Each weather prediction should indicate if the weather for that city will either be: Sunny, Cloudy, Windy, Rainy, Storm, Hail or Fog.
* The comment was made within 48 hours of the creation of the Contest.

After 120 hours (5 days) have elapsed since the creation of the Contest, the Phil my close the contest by updating the text of that Contest’s Post. The update must contain the current weather information for those three cities, followed by the number of reasonably correct weather guesses made by each Bill Murray in their Contest Entry. This causes the Contest to become Closed. Then, within the next 48 hours each Bill Murray whose number of correct guesses is more than zero and exactly equal to the number guesses they made, may increase the attributes named by the Contest’s Post, by the amount indicated therein. This increase shall be performed a number of times equal to the number of correct guesses attained by that Bill Murray.

If a Contest has remained open for more than 168 hours (7 days), it is immediately Closed. Then, each Bill Murray that posted a Contest Entry for that Contest may once, within a period of 48 hours, increase the attributes named by the Contest Post, by the amount specified therein.


Basically, the emperor asks players to guess the weather for up to three cities (but you can try to guess just for some of them) with a 5 day anticipation. For each one you guess right, you get a boost to one stat specified by the emperor at the start of the contest. However, if you get one wrong, you don’t get absolutely anything.

You don’t have to be completely exact on your prediction: but the emperor needs to consider that your prediction was reasonably correct.


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for , and there is a current Rule on the books saying that a week is 172 hours long. Wonder where that came from.  : p


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for This looks like it could be a fun challenge.


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