Tuesday, November 28, 2017

GNDT not accessible

I can’t access the GNDT. In its place I see a copy of the whole page. Is this just me or does everyone have this problem ?



11-28-2017 11:51:40 UTC

Actually I can’t access the wiki either, so this might be a more general server problem.


11-28-2017 12:12:35 UTC

I used to have it a few days ago, but now its gone for me.


11-28-2017 13:33:07 UTC

Seems back to normal now.


11-28-2017 16:26:35 UTC

blognomic.com redirects any 404s to the main page, which might explain some of this, but I’m not sure why it would have been happening here.


11-28-2017 17:07:09 UTC

I saw it happen a few days ago as well and the wiki has infrequently been throwing me 500 errors after I edit a page.