Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Proposal: Goods

Timed out and enacted, 6-2. Josh

Adminned at 19 Jan 2012 06:51:23 UTC

Create a new rule “Goods” reading:

Criminals can possess Goods, items listed in an eponymous GNDT column with each Good listed by a name designated by its description. By default, a criminal’s Goods are the null set.

Available Goods are listed in this rule along with a Security and Reputation, both of which are integers. As an assisted action, a Criminal can spend a Good’s Security in Firepower in order to Steal it.

When a Criminal Steals a Good, first, the Criminal lowers the Respect of any other Criminal that possesses the Good by its Reputation and removes the Good from that Criminal’s Loot. The Criminal then increases their own Respect by the Good’s Reputation and then lists the item in their Goods, at which point they possess the Good.

The following goods can be Stolen:

The Hope Diamond, listed as “hope” - 5000 Security, 10,000 Reputation. When the Criminal that Possesses the Hope Diamond gains Respect, they gain 5% more than they would have gained otherwise.’

The Fake Mustache, listed as “mustache” - 50 Security, 2000 Reputation. The Criminal that possesses the Fake Mustache may partner with any Criminal whose name does not appear twice in the possessor’s Former Partners list. Any Criminal may partner with the possessor as long as the possessor’s name doesn’t appear twice in that Criminal’s Former Partners list.

The Badge, listed as “badge” - 1500 Security 5000 Reputation. As an Assisted Action, the Criminal that possesses the Badge may Block an Assisted Action by following the Badge’s listing in the GNDT with its name contained in parentheses. While an Action is Blocked, no Criminal may perform that Assisted Action.
When the Badge is Stolen, all actions cease to be Blocked. Stealing may not be Blocked.
As an Assisted Action, any player may Unblock a Blocked Action, removing its name from after the Badge. That Action may then be performed as prescribed in its description. Unblocking may not be Blocked.

The License, listed as “license” - 3750 Security, 0 Reputation. At any time, the Criminal that possesses the License may at their discretion lose X Wealth and gain F Firepower, where F = X / 2.

Allows for players to own useful items they can steal amongst themselves.



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Why can’t Stealing be blocked by the badge, though?
Since you added the Unblock option, the badge is already not-all-powerful and I don’t think it needs such a restriction.

While I’m at it, why can’t Unblocking be Blocked? If the possessor chooses to Block Unblocking, then nothing else is blocked, so there is nothing to Unblock anyway.

Also, it seems a lot more profit-making to simply Steal the Badge, rather than to Unblock it.


17-01-2012 22:04:37 UTC

@Ltn_Koen - good questions. I wanted to make it easy for Blocking to be undone. Unblocks are the “cheap” option - all you need is another person. Stealing is the expensive option - you have to pay, but you get control of the item afterwards as well. I wanted to make sure that both actions remain open. Also, as stealing would probably be our most prominent group-interaction mechanic, I would prefer it stay open.


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“Loot” should be “Goods”, and arguably Criminals continue to possess Goods after they’re stolen from them.