Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Proposal: How we will defeat the enemy

Aaaah, my head… maybe I should have stopped firing earlier.

Reporting, Unfunny Devenger with a headache.

(Timed out after 48 hours, 4-1-5)

Adminned at 26 Feb 2009 13:08:56 UTC

Combination of Devenger, current rules, and ais523 / other Soldiers’ suggestions. Hopefully, this is getting close to acceptable.

Replace the first paragraph of Rule 2.1 Skirmishes with the following text:

“At any time when there is not currently an active Skirmish, the General may create a Skirmish by posting a story post with [Skirmish] in the title, known as a Skirmish Post. Inside the Skirmish Post the General shall list each of the Enemy Combatants, including their initial Health, Armor and Damage scores. When a Skirmish is created, that Skirmish is active.”

Change the text of Rule 2.1.1 Combat to the following:

“As a daily action, a Soldier who is a Friendly Combatant of an active Skirmish may attack the Enemy. To attack, they must select their Weapon (a specific weapon in their holster), the ammo rating of which must be equal to or less than the Ammo of the Soldier. To execute the attack, the Soldier reduces their own Ammo by the ammo rating of their Weapon, and rolls DICEX in the GNDT, where X is the damage rating of that weapon + the Armor score of the Target.

The Soldier now subtracts the Target’s Armor score from the roll. If the resulting number is greater than 0, the Health of the Target is reduced by that number.

If the Soldier’s Target is now dead, they may continue firing by selecting a new Target (another Enemy Combatant who is not dead), then firing again as the above paragraphs describe and again reducing their own Ammo by the ammo rating of their weapon. Otherwise they complete their combat.

If the Soldier’s Target is not dead after the Soldier has fired at it, the Soldier must roll DICEX, where X is the Damage score of the Target, and subtract the roll result from their Health. This Soldier has finished attacking the enemy.

The Soldier completes their combat by posting a comment to the Skirmish post, including their Weapon, a list of Targets they fired at, the damage (if any) they dealt to each Target, and updated values for the scores (including but not limited to Health), or the dead status, of their Targets, if any.

Example combat completion report (Battle Droids are 4 Health, 2 Armor):
Weapon: M4 Carbine
- Battle Droid, dealt 5 damage, Dead
- Battle Droid, dealt 7 damage, Dead
- Battle Droid, dealt 3 damage, 1 health remaining

An Enemy Combatant is dead if its Health is 0 or below. If all Enemy Combatants for a particular Skirmish are dead, then the Skirmish ceases to be active, and is said to have ended.”

Checklist: Firing is unlimited until a Soldier fails to kill an enemy or they run out of Ammo. This will prevent attacks ad infinitum, but will allow an appropriate number of easily tracked shots. Soldiers will be unable to go on sprees with large weapons, because they will run out of Ammo quickly. Enemies can have Armor that makes them resistant to low-powered weapons, but these weapons still have a chance of hurting their Target.



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*Is hopeful that this will work*


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If the Soldier’s Target is not dead after the Soldier has fired at it, the Soldier must roll DICEX, where X is the Damage score of the Target, and subtract the roll result from their Health. This Soldier has finished attacking the enemy.

From their health? Player or Target? Currently the sentence refers to the Target Health - is this the intention?


02-24-2009 14:27:48 UTC

“Firing again as the above paragraphs describe” is also a little shaky - which paragraphs, and surely we don’t count the “daily action” second time around?

We can live with a slightly broken combat rule while no Skirmishes are actually in progress, though.



02-24-2009 15:50:57 UTC

We also seem to have lost the requirement to declare who you’re firing at before you roll. In fact, it’s not even clear that you can only fire at Enemy Combatants (although the reference to “another Enemy Combatant” does imply it).

(It’s usually safer to propose minor changes to existing rules, than to completely rewrite them.)


02-24-2009 15:57:09 UTC

Hmm, I should have looked at the Devenger proposal more critically. Well, someone can propose fixes now, or I’ll wait until I can. Seems relatively easy to solve.


02-24-2009 17:31:05 UTC

for The enemy seem to have started to wear armour. We need a way to deal with this surprising development; the enemy are obviously more organised than we thought.


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for I give up. The good thing about this is adding the armour score to the roll, then subtracting it from the result. The bad thing is we’re back to square one-level-of-complexity. Nonetheless, anyone adapting my proposals in the future would be advised not to leave out important things like where I defined the Target…

War. Huh. What is it good for? Showing Our Loyalty.


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4 for, 1 against, 5 DEF.


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Pass this please, and we can get started on the fixes.


02-26-2009 14:27:17 UTC

You can get started on the fixes while it’s still in the queue, you just need an “If Proposal X failed, this does nothing” clause.