Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Story Post: I perform abundance

All in title



11-29-2017 15:06:10 UTC

I think it was established that titles aren’t considered ruletext, should this apply to actions also?


11-29-2017 15:44:00 UTC

From what I understand you don’t need a story post to perform spells, crafts, spend shards etc. Only rules that specifically say they apply to posts (like Trading, Tessering etc.) require official posts. I just use story posts to explain what I’m doing.


11-29-2017 15:44:34 UTC

(correct me if I’m wrong on this)


11-29-2017 18:39:39 UTC

“For gamestate which is tracked in a specific place (such as the GNDT or a wiki page), any alteration of that gamestate as a result of a Tesserer’s action is (and can only be) applied by editing that data in that place. “