Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Proposal: Instability is not Stable

6 to 0. Enacted by derrick.

Adminned at 15 Nov 2017 21:52:56 UTC


The instability of the tesseract is then set to 0.


The instability of the tesseract is then set to 0. The orientation of the tesseract is set as determined by a DICE8 roll in the GNDT, where 1 is North, 2 is South, 3 is East, 4 is West, 5 is Up, 6 is Down, 7 is Ana, and 8 is Kata.


An instable tesseract is a subtle thing. One never knows which way it may turn.

—Q. Turly,  Eleventh Corner



11-14-2017 18:21:40 UTC

for  arrow


11-14-2017 19:56:37 UTC

for This compensates the current disadvantage the nature affinity has.


11-14-2017 22:07:33 UTC



11-15-2017 02:32:58 UTC

for  arrow But, in the comment text, did you mean instable? Also, can you edit comment text? That should totally be something you can do freely as it doesn’t affect the rule.


11-15-2017 05:39:33 UTC


derrick: HE/HIM

11-15-2017 15:27:12 UTC

Yes, it appear I meant unstable, though an argument can be made that Instable was used as an archaic or technical term.

Flavor text has no special status as far as the editing rules are concerned. The two relevant ones are:

“An official post may be altered by its author if it is less than six hours old and either no Tesserer has commented on it or (if it is a Votable Matter) if all comments on it contain no voting icons;”

“Tesserers may correct obvious spelling and typographical mistakes in the Ruleset and their own Pending Proposals at any time, including replacing Spivak and gender-specific pronouns with the singular “they”.”

I’m going to leave it as instable, because a lecturer who persists in using incorrect language is amusing to me.