Friday, December 04, 2015

Proposal: It’s Only Payroll (But I Like It)

Quorums 5-0. — Quirck

Adminned at 04 Dec 2015 23:54:43 UTC

Enact a new rule, “Money”:-

Each Clerk has an amount of Money, defaulting to 5 and tracked in the GNDT. Clerks may give any amount of their Money to other Clerks at any time.

Enact a new subrule of “Committees”, called “Finance”:-

The Finance Committee has five seats. Its Power is to Pay every Clerk who has not already been Paid in the current week: when a Clerk is Paid, they gain 1 Money per Committee that they are a member of.

If the Proposal “[ambiguous]” failed, then to the first paragraph of “Committees”, add:-

A Committee’s Letter is the first letter of its Name.

If the Proposal “[ambiguous]” passed, replace “a list of the first letters of the Names of those Committees” with “a list of the Tracking Codes of those Committees”, “This letter/s is known as it’s Tracking Code.” with “A Committee’s Tracking Code is the first letter of its Name.” and “where X is the Letter of a Committee” with “where X is the Tracking Code of a Committee”, throughout the ruleset.

Adding a resource to bribe each other with, and fixing either my bug (that Letters aren’t defined) or Tantusar’s bug (that Tracking Codes are defined but Motions don’t use them, and the GNDT is still tracking “first letters”).


Tantusar: he/they

04-12-2015 11:29:56 UTC


Josh: Bookie he/they

04-12-2015 11:32:05 UTC

against I think the money mechanic is important for this dynasty, and that setting it up so that players get more money for being on more committees is the wrong direction. It’s softly snowbally (the more committees you’re on, the more money you have to bribe with, the more committees you can get into) and it’s really harshly pejorative against unidling players. Better a flat salary, I think, with maybe a side-game bonus structure.

Kevan: he/him

04-12-2015 12:15:30 UTC

I think there’d be some self-balancing here - if a few rich players were on a lot of Committees, the Finance Committee might decide to refuse to pay out any more wages until that changed. If the rich players also manage to dominate the Finance Committee, then overcoming that seems like a legitimate gameplay challenge.


04-12-2015 14:15:39 UTC


quirck: he/him

04-12-2015 15:16:51 UTC



04-12-2015 16:45:49 UTC

for the plutocrats can always be legislatively nerfed if needed

Josh: Bookie he/they

04-12-2015 19:19:04 UTC

In that case, this dynasty is probably not going in a direction I’m going to enjoy much - so I’ll sit it out. Quorum is unchanged.