Friday, February 09, 2007

Proposal: Leading Roles (might) make you Famous

Fails 8-9—-Clucky

Adminned at 11 Feb 2007 13:57:52 UTC

Rewrite the Rule “Fame” so that it reads:

Every Actor has a Fame statistic, tracked in the GNDT. Fame is an integer from 0-100. Actors start with a Fame of 0.

Multiply each Actor’s Fame by 10.
Create a new Rule called “Press Conference and After Party” with text:

Whenever an Actor adds a film and named role to eir own Filmography, e must make a GNDT comment of “PRESS DICE100” and then make a Press Conference Post within 15 minutes, or else the addition of that film and role is considered invalid (as if it had never been made).

A post to the main blog is considered a Press Conference Post if all of the following are satisfied:
* The author has added a film and named role to eir own Filmography within the 15 minutes prior to its posting
* The author has not already made a Press Conference Post since the addition of that film and role
* The post reports the title of that film and the name of that role
* The post reports the result of the first “PRESS DICE100” roll the author made in the GNDT since adding that film and role
* The post reports its author’s Fame statistic
* The post is titled “Press Conference”

When an Actor makes a Press Conference Post, if the reported DICE100 result is less than or equal to half of eir Fame, then e becomes the subject of the first Gossip Story named in comments to the post by another Actor (as soon as such a comment is made). If the result is greater than half of eir Fame, the post is also considered an After Party Post, and the author of the post is its Host.  24 hours after an After Party Post is made, the the Host and every Actor who has commented on that post gain fame as follows:
*The Host gains 1 Fame for every other Actor that commented to the post, with a minimum gain of 1, and a maximum gain of 10.
*Any other Actor that commented to the post gains an amount of fame equal to 1/10 of the Fame that the Host had at the time the post was made (rounded up to the next whole number), with a minimum gain of 1, and a maximum gain of 5.

Any cheese awarded as the direct result of this Proposal’s Enactment shall go to Amnistar, rather than to Hix.



02-09-2007 19:27:06 UTC

against Clutters the main page and make party fire drills into commenting…


02-09-2007 20:31:20 UTC

for You’re limited to 1 extra post per person on the main page at any given time, since one cannot hold a press conference more than once every 4 days.


02-09-2007 20:35:17 UTC

Also, no fire drilling for comments unless the post is going to be subject to a gossip story, otherwise it doesn’t matter when you post as long as it’s within 24 hours.


02-09-2007 20:40:51 UTC

24 hours is a fire drill…


02-09-2007 20:52:06 UTC

against only because, by my reading, the “24 hours after an After Party Post is made” clause does not specify that only posts made _within_ that 24 hour period are relevant to the calculation of the Fame adjustments.  If it can be shown that I am wrong, I will change my vote.


02-09-2007 21:02:55 UTC

spike, the gain is a one-time instantaneous effect which occurs 24 hours after the post is made.  At this time, “the Host and every Actor who has commented” gain the Fame.


02-09-2007 21:03:35 UTC

Chronos: That can alway be voted to change, when I came up with the idea (Hix was nice enough to post it for me) I wasn’t sure how long would be a good amount of time, and settled for 24 hours as a fair amount.

Spikebrennan: Fame is awarded once, 24 hours after the party began and at that time the Host and people who have posted are rewarded.  As fame is given out at no other time it doesn’t matter if an ACtor posts after the 24 hour time limit.


02-09-2007 22:16:46 UTC

against let me see, averageing 9 of these a day.  Um no.


02-09-2007 22:25:20 UTC



02-09-2007 22:27:24 UTC

for because I have been convinced that my concern doesn’t apply


02-09-2007 23:36:41 UTC

against Complicated.  I like fame being out of 100, though.


02-10-2007 00:26:11 UTC

How do you get 9 a day?  You can post, at most, 1 of these every 4 days.  With 25 people, that’s an average of 6-7 a day…if everyone is taking lead roles.


02-10-2007 06:16:23 UTC

I got 9 a day by dint of it being early saturday morning in australia and the effect of that on my division skills.  For some reason 26/4 came to 9… Still 6-7 a day is far too many.


02-10-2007 06:48:12 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

02-10-2007 15:43:16 UTC


Elias IX:

02-10-2007 15:49:24 UTC



02-10-2007 16:47:22 UTC

Also, note that 8 of our Actors have yet to post in eir Filmographies, reducing the number of post down to 4-5, IF everyone is in the mood to post Named Roles.  The Charity Work proposal will convince people to do otherwise, and when combined with Jealousy, people might rarely take named roles, in an effort to remove gossip stories.


02-10-2007 17:47:12 UTC



02-10-2007 19:18:19 UTC

I like this because a scale of 0 - 10 seems to be kind of small and this provides a way for fame to be more difficult to gain at the higher levels of fame.


02-10-2007 19:54:06 UTC

For those worried about clutter on the front page being cluttered, check my newest proposal, as encouragement for not posting Press Conferences, potentially reducing the number of Press Conferences in half.

Elias IX:

02-10-2007 21:21:41 UTC

for CoV!!!!!


02-11-2007 18:39:57 UTC



02-11-2007 21:56:38 UTC

6-6. I get to make the final call… hrm…