Friday, November 24, 2017

Proposal: loopholes

self-killed failed by card

Adminned at 25 Nov 2017 05:37:50 UTC

Under Synonyms add the text

An X Tesser, where X is a valid affinity, means a Tesserer of that affinity.

Add to Affinities

North-South and East-West are opposites. Up-Down and Ana-Kata are opposites. Affinities of cells that are opposites are also opposites to those affinities.

Add to Spells

Y stands for a shard that is the same affinity as the performer. P stands for a shard that is the opposite affinity of the performer. O stands for a shard that is the same affinity as the Tesseract’s current position.

Add to the list of Spells

[A] Ashes to Ashes: Gain 2 power.
[Y] Future Me: Gain power equal to the sum of the X values of your Tessered acts, to a maximum of 20.
[P] Negate: Choose a Tesser other than yourself. If they have a shard of your affinity they lose it and gain a shard of their affinity and you gain a shard of your affinity.
[O] Gamble: You must wait until the Tesseract’s orientation changes before casting this spell again. Roll a DICE2, on a 1 gain a shard of the Tesseract’s orientation after it changes.



11-24-2017 19:03:14 UTC



11-24-2017 19:07:07 UTC

against I just realised that Negate allows two Tessers of equal affinity to generate infinite shards


11-24-2017 19:11:41 UTC

for Stupid me, I forgot you had to spend a shard to perform the spell.


11-24-2017 19:25:36 UTC

Pointing this out because I’m not a voidboi unfortunately

Future me + Null and Void = infinite Power loop

so against


11-24-2017 22:49:16 UTC

...Or just straight up Future Me + Make Void Shard with Power forever lol.


11-25-2017 05:08:31 UTC

Depends upon how you interpret Future Me. You could say that the “to a maximum of 20” means that you can only get 20 power the whole dynasty or until the wording changes; alternatively you might say that it’s per each time you cast the spell.
In the second case if you have an X above 3 you could just make shard and then spend it for X - 3 net power, it doesn’t even need to be a void shard.
I need to work on that wording against