Saturday, April 23, 2022

New Memory

Hello, I wish to be a Memory of Atlantis.


Kevan: he/him

23-04-2022 17:56:18 UTC

Welcome to the game. You’re now a Memory of Atlantis and can make proposals and votes and take other game actions. Normally there’d be a few proposals to vote on but we seem to have hit a bit of a lull.

Take a look at the New Player Guide if you haven’t already, and our esteemed Linguist Team will assign you a Mentor in due course. Feel free to drop by the Discord linked in the sidebar, as well - some discussion of the game happens there, although you can still play without hearing any of it.

Quorum remains 6.

Josh: he/they

24-04-2022 18:37:48 UTC

Apologies, I have been largely away this weekend. ‘ll work on getting you a mentor post haste.