Saturday, October 08, 2011

Not Quite Square The Same Colour As The Background

Trying my best to make an artistic point. Not only is this a beautifully minimalist image, but it’s deliberately designed to lose its context over time; as the dynasties change, it’ll no longer be the same colour as the background, and eventually, Imgur will delete it.

Also, it’s saved as a JPEG, not a PNG, in case there’s unintentional art in the compression artifacts (if there are any in such a simple image). And, as the title says, it isn’t quite square.



10-08-2011 17:04:56 UTC



10-08-2011 17:49:57 UTC

And, of course, the irony of BlogNomic drawing a border around it.

Prince Anduril:

10-08-2011 19:41:40 UTC

I just don’t ‘get’ it.


10-08-2011 21:55:43 UTC

arrow As seminal as it is ephemeral. For years to come, critics will debate the meaning hidden in “2KZzv”...


10-09-2011 04:24:25 UTC

arrow as the compression artifacts (which certainly are present) are a most exhilarating component of a supremely minimalist peace.


10-09-2011 05:39:07 UTC