Monday, August 23, 2010

Osmosis Bug

In Rule 2.3, it says that:

An Earthling may undertake one of the Learning actions, listed as sub-rules to this rule, as a weekly action.

However, in Rule 2.3.1, it says:

An Earthling may Learn by Osmosis. An Earthling who does so may gain a copy of one skill possessed by another Earthling who is a member of the same Corporation as them. If an Earthling has more than 2 copies of a Skill, they may not gain further copies of that Skill through Learning by Osmosis.

So, I have the option of 1. Learning by Osmosis as a weekly action via Rule 2.3, or 2. Learning by Osmosis (no strings attached) via Rule 2.3.1. I take Option 2, multiple times. :D



08-23-2010 07:38:15 UTC

Not sure I understand your reasoning here. Surely the action of “Learn by Osmosis” is one of the three “Learning actions, listed as sub-rules to this rule”?


08-23-2010 07:40:53 UTC

Yes, 2.3.1 doesn’t specify the parameters by which you can undertake the action, it merely specifies that it is an action that it is possible to undertake. In the absence of an explicit contradiction, the weekly restriction in 2.3 takes precedence.


08-23-2010 07:49:15 UTC

Why would *any* restriction be in place? In the absence of a restriction, there are no restrictions. I am allowed to take the action, repeatedly.

Look at it this way: If the last sentence of Rule 2.3 did not exist, and Rule 2.3.1 still did exist, would no one be allowed to Learn by Osmosis? Obviously not.

It only makes sense to interpret Rule 2.3’s last sentence as an option, rather than a restriction.


08-23-2010 07:51:34 UTC

This is more or less exactly the same bug that ended the April Fool’s Dynasty. One sentence is not necessarily governed by the sentence immediately prior to it. And these sentences are even separated, Rule to Subrule.


08-23-2010 10:03:17 UTC

This would carry more weight if the subrule just said “An Earthling may do some Osmosis”, but it explicitly refers to the verb “Learning”, which is already defined. Yes, you can choose to “Learn by Osmosis”, but the only way to Learn is to “undertake one of the Learning actions [...] as a weekly action”.


08-23-2010 10:15:19 UTC

I concur with Kevan. It is clear from the rules that Learning by Osmosis is in fact a weekly action.


08-23-2010 21:52:28 UTC

“Learn by Osmosis” is its own phrase, not defined anywhere else in the Ruleset. The only other defined term is “Learning action.”

I feel that you are taking an inconsistent view of this rule, considering the way such things have been interpreted before (and how it should be interpreted).


08-23-2010 22:11:19 UTC

As “Learn by Osmosis” is an action described in a subrule to the parent, and Learning Rules are defined as actions described by subrules to the parent, “Learn by Osmosis” is adequately defined even if we disallow the obvious common sense link between “Learn” and “Learning”.


08-23-2010 22:16:08 UTC

It really does say, “An Earthling may Learn by Osmosis.” By itself. With no restrictions. Nowhere does it say that an Earthling may only Learn by Osmosis as a weekly action, nor does it say that an Earthling may only Learn as a weekly action, nor even that Learning must be a weekly action.

However, it does say that “An Earthling may Learn by Osmosis.”