Monday, March 15, 2010

Raid results

The Commoners who raided this week were Anonyman, Darth Cliche, Josh, Keba (x2 due to Armour), Roujo, Purplebeard, and Tecslicer. That’s 8 Commoners; unfortunately, 9 were needed for the Raid to succeed. It looks like somebody betrayed your little group…

As a result, I feel confident in using the same number of guards to guard my shipment of rare teas in expensive mahogany cases, each encrusted with rare gems, that I need to feed my pet mechanical duck (she gets so depressed when she isn’t hopped up on top-quality caffeine)... The Royal Treasury is now set to 200 Wood, 200 Caffeine, 50 Gems, with the same Guard Level (8, meaning 9 Commoners are necessary for the raid to succeed) as before.

The revolutionaries met in an abandoned factory, scheming war, plotting to raid the Mad Prince’s trade caverns and steal their resources for themselves. They had enough forces; the plan was in place; and they set off at the dead of night to carry out the deed. However, one among them was an informant, seeking to curry favour with the Prince. At the last critical moment, lordcooper ran away to safety, leaving the other conspirators to fall to the flaming breath and spouting steam of the automata guarding the caravan. So I watched, and painted a picture of their burnt clothing, then sent them all off to hospital to recover (and test some new experimental magic on them while they were unconcious). I shall have to put them under closer guard from now on.



03-15-2010 12:13:25 UTC

*shakes fist at Kevan*


03-15-2010 12:35:21 UTC

Hmm? I don’t remember agreeing to help out with a raid last week, or being given any instructions to.


03-15-2010 12:51:01 UTC

Ah - I thought that you intimated that you would in the planning post last week. Apologies! *Unshakes fist at Kevan*

It looks like the actual villain was lordcooper.


03-15-2010 13:05:18 UTC

Oh damnit. I haven’t seen that I risk 20 Income for that… Not nice…

I tried to ask Kevan last weekend, but he wasn‘t online (while I was online).

But, let‘s think positive: We will reach our goal this week!


03-15-2010 13:10:19 UTC

Hm, strange. I know, Kevan is online now, but unfortuntely he is not online in IRC…

Many things would be easier, if more people were online in IRC :)


03-16-2010 17:22:49 UTC

I’ll definitely be raiding this week.


03-16-2010 17:25:13 UTC

I probably won’t raid.


03-16-2010 17:55:29 UTC

Well, my new Efficient Hyper-Armour gives me the strength of two men! Take heart, Commoners, for we shall claim back these resources!


03-16-2010 18:50:43 UTC

Hmm. I will raid if and only if both Anonyman and Keba raid.


03-16-2010 18:52:33 UTC

Darth, I’ve sent my raiding confirmation.


03-16-2010 19:01:54 UTC

I will most likely raid, now that I’m armored.


03-16-2010 22:38:36 UTC

Of course I will raid again :)

We count as 6 Raiders for the moment. Three Commoners more and we reach our weekly goal!


03-18-2010 16:30:54 UTC

Hmm… doesn’t look like we’ll make the target. Come on, people! Raid!


03-19-2010 14:45:36 UTC

I’m gonna raid too, which I think puts us one man short, any jumpers?


03-19-2010 14:48:33 UTC

Put, any chance you could build yourself some armor?


03-19-2010 15:12:07 UTC

Not right now, I’m lacking both wood and a gem. (and preferably a few more stuff for other parts that would lower the cost.)


03-19-2010 15:13:57 UTC

Put: I could move some resources around for you if you like. For a price, of course.


03-19-2010 20:12:19 UTC

Josh, raid this week, please.


03-19-2010 20:13:56 UTC

I’m already on -62 income. I don’t really want to get stung again.


03-21-2010 10:38:29 UTC

Okay, there’s enough armour floating around that I’ll raid in confidence.


03-21-2010 18:48:12 UTC