Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Raiding discussion post

As you may have noticed, a shipment of resources (400 Coal, 50 Wood, 50 Iron) is coming over the moor to the Mad Prince’s Manor, guarded by 8 huge metal automata, venting steam, breathing fire, and flying around in an ominous manner. Still, because it would be hilarious to watch you trying to fight them, I’ve set up this blog post for you to plan strategy for your attack; we need somewhere to discuss these, after all.

I’m not planning to change the Treasury or Guard Level again this week, so it should be safe now to plan whether to Raid or not. Future changes (in future weeks) will probably be mentioned as comments on this post, so people interested in the Raiding subgame will have somewhere to look. And remember, it’s legal to both Raid and Scavenge in the same week if you want.



03-09-2010 18:24:14 UTC

Well, I wanted to post such article about Thursday… ;)

I will definitly raid. Also, I assume Purplebeard will raid, too.

Note, that the “-10 income” is not that bad. But you could get an advantage…


PS: Dear Mad Prince, it would be really nice, if there were some Gems in the Treasury ;)


03-09-2010 21:41:58 UTC

I will raid if at least 5 other commoners promise to do the same in a comment to this post.


03-10-2010 11:32:15 UTC

I will raid.


03-10-2010 12:28:39 UTC

I will raid


03-10-2010 14:06:48 UTC

I will raid if at least 5 other commoners promise to do the same in a comment to this post.


03-10-2010 15:10:07 UTC

I shall be joining the raiding party.


03-10-2010 16:34:45 UTC

Remember that you have to contact me privately to raid; commenting in this post is not enough.


03-11-2010 14:42:24 UTC

I’ll raid.


03-12-2010 22:13:24 UTC

I’ll raid, too ^^


03-13-2010 12:11:38 UTC

We are 8 Raiders at the moment. One missing…

I would like to build an Armor (so we would count as 9 Commoners and win!), but I have not enough Iron. Anyone here, who wants to lend me 8 Iron? I will pay back 12 Iron next week…