Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random Occurence

Jason Smith walked along the sidewalk.  On his way home, he was stopped by a man in a trenchcoat.

“You are in great danger, Jason Smith.  The Shade Industries Warehouse, which the late Andrea was employed by, feels that you know too much about their plans.  They want you…dead.” said the mysterious man.

“W-w-who are you?” stuttered Jason.

“I am Rodlen, leader of the local DD…er…is it an A or an F right now?”

“F, I think.”

“Good.  Those idiots in high command really need to stop changing the name.  Well, I’m the leader of the local DDF group, Rodlen.”

“Didn’t you disband?”

“No.  We just work in secret now.  Taxes really sucked.  Well, back on topic, the Shade Industries Warehouse wants you dead.  For that reason, I am giving you access to somewhere which may be safer than your home.”

Rodlen handed Jason a card.

“This card gives you security level A clearance in the DDF, allowing you access to the least secure secure areas.  This may keep you a bit safer.” said Rodlen.

“Thank you.” replied Jason.

Jason hurried back home.

This plot seed brought to you by Rodlen.

In other news, Arthexis, owner of Arth’s Antique Shop, has been acting strange lately.

Rodlen got +1 to relationship for being at the Ruined DDF HQ.
Arthexis got -1 to relationship for being at the Arth’s Antique Shop.


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