Thursday, August 11, 2011

Re-entering the game on behalf of Agora

I, Jonatan Kilhamn, am registered and marked as an Idle Gladiator with my old screen name Tiger. I now wish to leave the game, but use this account to re-enter the game with my current screen name, Agora Nomic. As I am the ambassador of Agora, I will be playing on its behalf.


Kevan: HE/HIM

08-11-2011 15:23:16 UTC

Okay, you’re now a player, I’ll send you a private message with your GNDT, and get you set up on the wiki. Welcome to BlogNomic! Quorum remains six.

Kevan: HE/HIM

08-11-2011 15:42:23 UTC

(And I think your automated MediaWiki signup email has probably been eaten by a filter on the agora-discussion email address you used for your account. If you want to give me a different email address to send it to, let me know.)


08-11-2011 21:29:00 UTC

I question the legality of this. Nothing allows a Gladiator to leave the game. Tiger should be a separate player, and Agora Nomic should be a distinct account since it is, in fact, Agora.


08-11-2011 21:36:04 UTC

I was thinking along the same line. There is no rule, that allows the ambassador two accounts: A private one and one associated with his position.


08-11-2011 22:05:43 UTC

although a CFJ is about to overturn that, which would make this whole join request invalid since Tiger cannot reenter the game.

Kevan: HE/HIM

08-11-2011 22:48:08 UTC

Rule 1.2: “A Gladiator may leave the game at any time by posting an entry to the BlogNomic weblog requesting such an action.”


08-12-2011 00:31:06 UTC



08-12-2011 09:05:06 UTC

My own problem is that Agora Nomic is a nomic, and Tiger, its current Ambassador, isn’t. Thus, I don’t see how it would be the nomic itself playing, rather than the Ambassador playing.

(The last time there was an Ambassador position, the intent was to encourage other nomics to adopt rules that allowed other nomics to communicate with them. Typically the Ambassador would relay messages, but could only do so if they’d been sent by, e.g., proposals in Agora first.)