Monday, February 12, 2018

Proposal: Rebalancing

Reached quorum 4 votes to 2. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 14 Feb 2018 18:33:38 UTC

In “Crates” replace “Remove from play 3 of your own non-Fiberboard Supplies to gain 1 Money” with:

Remove from play 3 of your own Supplies to gain 1 Money

Before there were two advantageous positions in the queue (to acquire money), highest priority and lowest priority. Now there is only one which is very difficult to steal. Bringing back the last place advantage redistributes the chances of victory as any player can time themselves out to take my place.



02-12-2018 23:45:32 UTC



02-13-2018 03:47:49 UTC

imperial for now


02-13-2018 07:48:55 UTC

Its funny/weird (its a bit hard to describe. It’s like seeing a pug I guess) that, prior to my Black Market proposal, there really was no reason for Fiberboard to be worth anything in particular beyond what it was at the time, which was pretty much trash beyond the first unit of it (and at the very least it had sooome trade worth, but not much more beyond that).

I made it suddenly worth a lot more (each is ~1/3rd of a Money all of a sudden, whoa) because I wanted to bribe you and get the diplomacy going between us. There is no “true” balance to it or some intrinsic fairness to it, I made it so purely out of self-interest.

Then, again with that same self-interest towards myself, I removed it, because we pretty much agreed on taking different paths after our alliance limbo, and I’m glad we did so very gentlemanly. It’s cool.

I don’t believe there is anything intrinsic as to why your Fiberboards should be worth anything (Or really much anything in the game for anyone for that matter) besides, again, self-interest.

Sure, we all coat our proposals with words of justice and fairness, but it’s just a coat of course.

Both giving and removing your Fiberboard worth were created by my exact same motivation, and prior to it all, it was fairly worthless. Favoring giving it worth seems biased to me (what does it matter making it worth more or less when before it was so far away from Money altogether? That link was an entirely new thing, which I arbitrarily chose to be a favorable one) - but that’s totally friggin fine. We all want to win of course!

That’s how I see it, and I think this proposal is totally fine. It’s nomic, it’s how this often works lol. But, of course, I’ll vote against this.


02-13-2018 08:09:03 UTC

I think it would be more accurately be put as “your large amount of Fiberboard and lack of commitment to Alertness” as to the thing being given/reduced value but you get the idea lol.


02-13-2018 12:59:30 UTC



02-13-2018 13:07:47 UTC

I’ve had no “lack of commitment to Alertness” since I’ve had no chance to actually increase my Alertness (except for the first crates where other players grabbed those items before me), so I try to find other ways to play.

It’s blindingly obvious this proposal benefits me so I don’t need to point that out. That doesn’t take away the fact this reintroduces one way for low priority players to have a chance at winning. The proposal did the opposite: it unbalanced those chances in favour of those with highest priority and with the comfy chair blueprints. You’re still doing it now, by trying to find other ways to convince players not to vote for this proposal and keep the game locked in your favour. (which is legitimate play of course).

All your arguments on why Fibreboard’s shouldn’t be worth anything could apply to any item really. Why should nails be tradable for money and not fibreboard ? The truth is, there is no intrinsic reason why fibreboards should be worth LESS than the rest, other than eliminating a potential rival at this point in the game, which is exactly why you made that proposal minutes after I turned down your offer.


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