Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Proposal: Rewriting History


Adminned at 16 Feb 2007 10:17:17 UTC

Add a new rule call “Rewriting the Record Books”

An Olympian with positive fame may often attempt to swap one of the films in eir filmography with one of the films in another Olympians fimography, provided the following are true:
1) The roles in to two films e is attempting to swap are the same(An extra for an extra, an nth minor character for an nth minor character…)
2) Neither of the roles in question have earned Critical Acclaim.

To attempt a swap, an actor first roles a DICE3. If the roll is a one, the swap is successful and e can enact any legal swap on the filmographies page. If the roll is a two, nothing happens. If the roll is a three, the olympian rolling the die is exposed in eir failed attempt, and e loses one fame point.



02-14-2007 20:40:31 UTC

I’m dubious.  How does this relate to this Dynasty’s theme in any rational way?


02-14-2007 22:10:06 UTC

Dynasties do not have to totally follow a theme. An alien invasion would be out of theme, but I don’t see how something random like this would be. It would just add more strategy to the game…


02-14-2007 22:21:24 UTC

What is an Olympian?


02-14-2007 22:45:34 UTC

Haha, Olympian?


02-14-2007 22:56:50 UTC

against  against


02-14-2007 22:57:56 UTC

against What is an Olympian?


02-14-2007 22:59:21 UTC

Oops. Old habits die hard. I havn’t written enough proposals this dynasty.  *headdesk*  against


02-15-2007 08:59:23 UTC

I would be voting against this if reproposed fyi, I like the concept of being able to define our own cinema history, not get stuck in some film i never wanted to be in cause someone stole mine..