Monday, November 06, 2017

Proposal: Rotation

This proposal is illegal, as its owner had 2 existing proposals. Derrick.

Adminned at 06 Nov 2017 22:51:26 UTC

(If the “Orientation” rule is enacted, and the “Void” affinity added)

Add to the “Orientation” rule:

Each pair of opposing cells has an associated Affinity:
Water: North-South
Fire: East-West
Nature: Up-Down
Void: Ana-Kata

A Tesserer may spend a Shard to change the orienation of the Tesseract to one that has the same affinity as the Shard. This action is called “rotating” the Tesseract.

(I hope this is clear…)



11-06-2017 22:48:31 UTC

This is your third proposal, so it doesn’t count lol.

By the power invested in me, I boom shaka laka this proposal via the spell described by the following symbols:  arrow  veto  for  veto  for  veto  arrow