Thursday, February 05, 2015

Ruleset history archive?

I was looking through the old dynastic histories recently, and noticed that some were missing their Final Ruleset (which is normally theoretically possible to recover via reading proposals, but would be a pain). The wiki’s history only goes back to the server move. Does anyone (Kevan? 75th Trombone?) happen to have a copy of the ruleset history handy, so that at least that part of the dynastic histories can be filled out?


Kevan: City he/him

05-02-2015 18:55:58 UTC

Yes, we have been a bit lax in keeping these up to date. The old wiki is still around at, for reference.

(We should probably put it behind a simple .htaccess password so that we aren’t doing Chinese Stone Crusher spammers any favours - it all seems to have been spidered by Google again.)

Kevan: City he/him

05-02-2015 19:38:29 UTC

Slightly relatedly, is anybody else getting the wrong timestamps on sidebar proposals, when viewed as part of an open-for-comments post (but not on the front page, or on a closed post)? They show up as being six hours older than they actually are.


05-02-2015 20:18:53 UTC


Brendan: he/him

05-02-2015 22:17:13 UTC

Yes, me too. It seems to be happening about equally often on open-for-comments pages and the front page, but not consistently either way.


05-02-2015 22:58:34 UTC

It never happens for me (yet)

75th Trombone:

05-02-2015 23:58:42 UTC

On the timestamp thing, could the difference in behaviors for everyone be due to whether you’re logged in or not?

Kevan, I just blocked all search crawling of the old wiki using a robots.txt file, that should solve those problems, right?


06-02-2015 06:45:04 UTC

The behavior is inconsistent even when I am logged in.