Monday, April 15, 2019

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popular 6-0 enacted by card

Adminned at 16 Apr 2019 06:52:19 UTC

Add a new rule, “Deliveries”:-

If no Delivery exists, any Contractor may create one by performing the following atomic action:

* Randomly selecting a type of Resource from Robots, Transportation, Colonists, Publicity, Biology and Engineering
* Repeating the previous step four more times
* Posting a Story Post blog entry with a title that includes the words “New Delivery” and listing the quantities of Resources selected in the previous steps (and only those Resources)

Any Contractor may respond to a Delivery with a comment in the format “Bidding $XB”, where X is a non-negative integer greater than zero: such a comment is known as a Bid. If the value stated in a Bid is less than or equal to its Bidder’s Funds, and it is not equal in value to an earlier Valid Bid on the same Delivery, then it is a Valid Bid.

If a Delivery is more than 24 hours old and no Contractor has made a Valid Bid on it in the past 24 hours, then any Contractor may close the Delivery: upon doing so, the Contractor with the highest Valid Bid on the Delivery loses Funds equal to that Bid’s value, and gains the Resources listed in the Delivery. The Delivery then ceases to be a Delivery.

To “Finance”, after “Each Contractor has Investment and Funds, which are numbers tracked in the GNDT with a ‘$’ before and a ‘B’ after.” add:-

Investment has a starting value of 10, and Funds has a starting value of 10.

Set all Contractors’ Investment and Funds to 10.

A bidding mechanic, and assigning some starting money.


derrick: he/him

15-04-2019 15:08:37 UTC

Could you update starting investment value to be equal to starting funds value? $10 Billion dollars of starting funds would count as an investment, wouldn’t you think?

Kevan: he/him

15-04-2019 15:13:02 UTC

I wasn’t sure what you were getting at with the Investment stat (when I can have a thousand Robots, but zero Investment), but sure, there you go.

derrick: he/him

15-04-2019 16:10:55 UTC


I was thinking investment represents the amount of money the contractor has that they didn’t earn in the course of the game.

good idea, by the way. This limits the amount of resources flying around in an interesting fashion.


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