Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Proposal: The Admirable Ackbar


Adminned at 05 Jul 2011 10:47:27 UTC

Add the following to the ruleset as a new rule, entitled Traps:

The Arena contains a number of traps, which may never be greater than 10 or fewer than 4. Traps have a location that is privately tracked by the Announcer.

At the end of each Turn, the Announcer must make a story post detailing which Gladiators have ended the turn in an Arena Square that contains a trap, what kind of trap they have triggered, and what effects the traps have had. The Announcer must then make any necessary changes to the GNDT to reflect this.

Once per Turn, the Announcer may move one trap to a different Arena Square, remove one trap from the Arena, or add one trap to an Arena Square. They are not required to notify anybody of these changes.

There are several different types of trap; these are detailed below.

* Vertical Particle Beam.
Effect: The Gladiator who tirggered this trap dies.
* Floor-Mounted Buzzsaw.
Effect: The Gladiator who tirggered this trap dies.
* Monowire Cheesecutter.
Effect: The Gladiator who tirggered this trap dies.
* Stickybomb Fountain.
Effect: The Gladiator who triggered this trap has a StickyBomb attached to him with a timer of 7. Any Gladiator in an Arena Square adjacent to the trap has a StickyBomb attached to him with a timer of 9.
* Spring-Mounted Propeller Panel.
Effect: The Location of the Gladiator who triggered this trap changes to a random Arena Square. The Gladiator then dies. If there is another Gladiator in the Gladiator’s new Location, then that Gladiator also dies, and the Gladiator who triggered the trap gains one Frag.
* Crazy Ivan.
Effect: The Gladiator who triggers Crazy Ivan must, in their next turn, use all of their AP moving, and for each move must move in a randomly selected direction.

Add the following to the end of the sub-rule entitled Turn-Based Actions:

Legal Main Actions currently include:

* Move. Move to a laterally or diagonally adjacent unoccupied Arena Square.
* Brace. A Braced Gladiator cannot be Shoved. If a Braced Gladiator moves then they are no longer Braced.

Other legal actions include:

*Shove. Push an adjacent Gladiator into any square they they could legally move into. If that causes the Gladiator to die then the Gladiator who Shoved them gains a Frag. Cost: 2AP.

If the proposal entitled “Iconoclasty” passed, add the following as a sub-rule to the newly-created rule, entitled Tracking the Traps:

Each type of Trap possesses its own Icon, but Traps are not formally tracked on the map. Any Gladiator may, once per Turn, add the icon of a trap to an Arena Square. This has no further gamestate effect. Any Gladiator may remove any Trap Icons from the Arena Square that they are currently occupying at any time.

Ostensibly, we can track trap locations for the benefit of all. In practice it’s unlikely to be useful for that, but could still be an interesting communications device.



05-07-2011 09:03:04 UTC

I don’t like it, because it does not contain any way of control of the Anouncer. He could just claim any trap being anywhere. If there was some way of controling him, for example he has to disclose a random number of trap locations every second turn or anything, I might be convinced.
I like the second part about the shoving and stuff. I also like the types of traps you came up with. :-)


05-07-2011 09:47:37 UTC

for Awesome.


05-07-2011 09:48:42 UTC

for because of the title


05-07-2011 10:34:23 UTC

against From what I can tell, if someone ends the turn on a trap and then at the start of the next turn they immediately do some actions, those actions can take effect before the Announcer can post that a trap has killed them.

It gets even more complicated with the Fountain because if someone is standing next to it when it’s triggered, they aren’t neccesarily affected. They can quickly move and avoid all effects, while someone who comes along after the end of the turn can be affected as long as it all happens before the Announcer posts.

There’s also the question of what happens if the Announcer is away for a day or two and misses the end of the turn.

Kevan: HE/HIM

05-07-2011 10:54:06 UTC

against Per SingularByte. You’re also saying there can’t ever be fewer than four Traps, but you’re starting at zero and only allowing the Announcer to add two per week, the Spring-Mounted Propellor effect doesn’t work when squares can only “contain either one or zero Entities”, you’re not explicitly tracking StickyBombs anywhere (my basic StickyBomb proposal is currently failing), and I assume the trap icons should only be going on empty squares, rather than overwriting players.

The basic trap idea is a great one, though. And the movement seems good (although “Braced” should probably be a Status, so that we can easily see who is and isn’t Shoveable, rather than having to carefully check the GNDT comment log.)

[mideg] The fact that we’re defining how the Announcer can add and remove Traps means that he is legally bound to follow those rules. (“This is the Ruleset for BlogNomic; all Gladiators shall obey it.”)


05-07-2011 10:56:35 UTC

@SingularByte - all of those are features rather than bugs. You SHOULD be able to run away from a trap if you’re quick enough.

@Kevan - all of those are bugs rather than features. I don’t suppose a fix proposal would help change your mind?

Kevan: HE/HIM

05-07-2011 11:04:48 UTC

Given that they immediately create an illegal gamestate (there are no Traps, but there must be at least four) and that you’ll be forcing Bucky to break the rules if we hit a Turn Boundary before the fix enacts (he must make a post at exactly noon on Thursday), it seems better to repropose.


05-07-2011 12:05:37 UTC

[Kevan] Legally bound to do something and doing something are two pair of shoes, especially in a game. I believe it is especially in the interest of the Announcer that everyone is able to see that his moves were legit, otherwise there might be situations where there is doubt.


05-07-2011 12:24:23 UTC

@mideg - we’ve used secret Emperor-tracked gamestates many times in the past. In many cases it’s the only way to make things work. This is a case in point - if everyone knows where the traps are at all times they become completely pointless.

@Kevan - fair enough, s/k against


05-07-2011 12:38:40 UTC

I don’t think traps with globally known locations would be completely pointless at all, especially if you could push opponents into them. (In fact, a gladatorial-style TV program, Robot Wars, uses traps with known locations for this reason; it gives pure-pushing robots an ability to win even though all they can do is push.)

Prince Anduril:

05-07-2011 12:42:28 UTC

against Mostly because of the Announcer’s power, as well as what happens if they don’t do this. The trap stuff might be interesting though.


05-07-2011 13:39:51 UTC

It’s not that difficult to put a system in place in which the Announcer can track and decide the position of traps and still not be able to fake this without being noticed.

It’s not as easy as just trusting him, but then again, trust can be misplaced.


05-07-2011 14:41:11 UTC

@ais - I would really enjoy a robot wars themed dynasty, I think.

Kevan: HE/HIM

05-07-2011 14:47:32 UTC

[mideg] Ease is a big deal, though - if we require too much paperwork of the Announcer (say, insisting that he keep a public, encrypted log of his private gamestate every time he makes a change to it), it’s reasonable for him to decline to run this as a secret-information dynasty.

By all means put it to a vote, though.


05-07-2011 17:40:36 UTC

I agree that visible traps would be a fun mechanic.  As for announcer’s power, some people may be a little more hesitant than others to give the announcer too much power due to past experiences with past emperors either abusing it or idling and basically leaving the dynasty hanging.

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with allowing the emperor some power (since he legally cannot achieve victory), but of course we also don’t want to bog him down with busy work so much that he gets overwhelmed (which is where a lot of the last dynasty fell short).


05-07-2011 17:50:14 UTC

I love the ideas of this but the wording leaves room for plenty of bugs


05-07-2011 17:52:42 UTC

In pribciple I like the concept of invisible traps. We always can add some game mechanics to reveal them later on. Sensor equipment, traps with more than one shot, which reveal themselves after the first hit, a turn based mechanism, skills/professions, ...