Friday, August 06, 2010

Proposal: The Fish

Times out; fails 3-3. Ien.

Adminned at 08 Aug 2010 15:20:22 UTC

Enact a new RED Dynastic Rule entitled “Hold Onto The Rope” with the text:

There exists an item called the Left Hand. Ownership of the Left Hand is indicated by appending the letter L to its owner’s Treason value in the GNDT.

Whenever a Citizen is terminated, that Citizen becomes the owner of the Left Hand.

Because the Left Hand is traitorous, a Citizen owning it should not vote AGAINST a non-Core Proposal (though they can of course vote DEFERENTIAL, allowing the infinite wisdom of the High-Programmer to prevail). If that Citizen does so, any Citizen or Officer can Demote him one Clearance level if no one has done so already; if the Citizen is already INFRARED, they may instead be given 4 Treason Points.



08-06-2010 21:29:03 UTC


Ienpw III:

08-06-2010 21:37:54 UTC



08-06-2010 22:03:13 UTC

CoV against as this doesn’t actually specify that the Left Hand has exactly one owner.


08-06-2010 22:27:41 UTC

I removed that in the case it has 0 owners, and the text says “there exists an item” and “becomes the owner”. It should be clear that it can be owned by one person only.


08-07-2010 02:21:29 UTC



08-07-2010 05:28:16 UTC



08-07-2010 08:38:31 UTC

against It would be possible for a single real-world item to be owned by multiple people, even if there were only one instance of it. Is this some kind of communism, Citizen?


08-07-2010 08:50:02 UTC

well, yes, but it clearly specifies that a player becomes the owner; if a later proposal wanted to give the Hand to multiple people, that would be fine. It isn’t possible in the context of this rule.


08-07-2010 11:10:27 UTC

Ah, fair point. Sticking with AGAINST, though, because I have no idea what, if anything, “Left Hand”, “Hold Onto The Rope” or “The Fish” is meant to be referencing, so it’s not doing anything for me thematically.


08-07-2010 17:15:08 UTC

In The Old Man and The Sea, the titular old man keeps complaining about his traitorous left hand. I thought that was entertaining.


08-08-2010 21:35:52 UTC

I do not vote on out timed proposals, but - for some reason I seem to forget this Proposal - If I voted I would have voted AGAINST. So the result is the same.