Thursday, December 24, 2009

Proposal: The Long Way

Times out 9 votes FOR to 1 AGAINST. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 26 Dec 2009 10:54:04 UTC

In Rule 2.6, reword the paragraph beginning “Each Adventurer has a “Location”” to:-

Each Adventurer has a “Location” , which is tracked in the GNDT. Locations are limited to real-life (i.e., not fictional or mythical), existent (as of the Reference Time) locations on Earth that have their own article in the Reference Source, and have a size or area, as specified in the Reference Source, of no more than one thousand square miles. For example, Independence Hall (United States), Elvis’ Pink Cadillac, and New York City are all legitimate Locations; while Narnia, Heaven, Asia and the Library of Alexandria do not exist as legitimate Locations. If there is any dispute or controversy over whether an Adventurer’s Location is a legitimate Location, the Djinni may change that Location to any value.

Enact a new subrule of Rule 2.6, called “Movement”:-

If an Adventurer has no Location, they may set their Location to that of any other Adventurer.

As a daily action, an Adventurer may change their Location to any Location located within 100 miles of their current Location.

Simplifying the selection of initial Locations (players can just pick a copy of another player’s location rather than waiting for the Djinn), and giving people a way to move slowly under their own steam.

While I’m here, I’ll clean up the Location rule, change “contemporary” to “existent” and improve the examples, and cut down the controversy resolution to explicitly say that the Djinni can move people at will if a Location is disputed.



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One thing I forgot to mention in the flavour text - Asia was listed as a “legitimate Location”, which seems incorrect, unless I’ve misread something. (It’s clearly “more than one thousand square miles”.) This proposal lists it as a counterexample instead.


12-24-2009 18:11:13 UTC

for  This reminds me of a mechanic in Qwaz’s dynasty, where locations were countries, and you could go to anywhere that was within 100 miles of your current location. This included territories, thus allowing one to warp from the US to the UK via the Virgin Islands, or from Canada to Denmark via Greenland. This would be even more hilarious if the majority of the world was still in the hands of Western Europe.


12-24-2009 19:26:39 UTC

Traps me at the South Pole


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The 1000 square mile limit was intended to be limited to _initial_ locations—my idea was that “Asia” is a location in the sense that someone could, say, Wish that “Asia sinks into the sea” which mean that all locations contained in the set “Asia” would be affected.  But it’s fine if you think it works better with Locations always being small places.


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for shoulda thought of that, spike :)


12-25-2009 02:34:23 UTC

for Ya can always wish ya way out spike lol.


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Can’t you go to, say, McMurdo Station? And from there to Tierra del Fuego, etc.