Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Secret’s Out

In case you weren’t on the IRC channel earlier, the official theme for this dynasty is Plants vs. Zombies.  Some people were talking about collaborating on a proposal to add the zombies, so this post can serve as a discussion post.



05-17-2011 22:00:54 UTC

I’ve made a proposal towards this aim; I’m not sure how the zombies will work, but the plants should definitely have an effect on them. It’s just a simple framework at the moment; I imagine more things will interact with it later.


05-17-2011 22:04:08 UTC

Can I have an IRC link for the future?


05-17-2011 22:11:53 UTC

@Winner: IRC link?

Personally, I‘d like to be able to “build” (or buy) zombies and sent them to others while (maybe?) sending a zombie increases my “income” in some way, let‘s say I earn more Sun/Water, because… $insert_some_flavour_here.

The alternative would be (weekly?) automatic zombie arises.


05-17-2011 22:15:12 UTC

@Winner: It’s in the sidebar, where it says “IRC Channel”.

Also, why not have whatever chemical it is that turns people into zombies be - a plant? That way, we could grow zombification powder and use that to build zombies, thus linking the mechanics together.


05-17-2011 22:26:55 UTC

ais523: Note, that in Plants versus Zombies there exists no humans (except you and some other strange guy), but we could introduce humans as well, which walk around and wait to become zombies…

But a zombie-producing-plant is nice, yes. These zombies should “jump” to a player‘s inventary and be ready to attack some row of another player.


05-17-2011 23:01:35 UTC

LMAO! I love that game. And we should find a way to add in Crazy Dave


05-18-2011 00:00:46 UTC


Wow I’m stupid.


05-18-2011 01:37:41 UTC

@Darknight: Crazy Dana…

Ienpw III:

05-18-2011 01:57:03 UTC

Well, I might go idle again.
I liked farming better than yet another computer game I’ve never played.


05-18-2011 02:18:05 UTC

@Yoda: touche


05-18-2011 06:40:43 UTC

Could somone unidle me?


05-18-2011 07:14:51 UTC

Unidling Florw. Quorum is now 14.

It’s fine to make a new post if you want to unidle, by the way, and you’ll have a better chance of attracting an admin’s attention that way.


05-18-2011 09:37:13 UTC

By the way, I do hope that the gameplay in this dynasty won’t require an intimate (or preferably any) knowledge about some computer game, or be full of in-jokes that us non-players won’t get, but a dynasty about running a successful farm during an unexplained zombie apocalypse might be interesting.


05-18-2011 09:39:54 UTC

I agree with PB. Themes based on existing media are fine, so long as you don’t end up with proposals getting shot down for running contrary to the existing canon.


05-18-2011 09:42:48 UTC

I agree with Josh. Just remmber that it’s a themed nomic, not a PBEM version of Plants and Zombies.

I like the theme. ;)


05-18-2011 13:15:25 UTC

PB: What you are suggesting is exactly what I would like to see happen as well. There may be some in-jokes (like crazy dana), but they will not be required in order to understand what’s going on.  I would love to see where everyone’s ideas take this, as this dynasty has potential to be very fun if like you said we don’t get wrapped up in in-jokes and stuff that you can only understand if you’ve played the game.


05-18-2011 18:29:24 UTC

This is beginning to look vaguely like a Nethack PvZ…