Thursday, June 27, 2019

Proposal: The War in the West

Popular 6 to 0, with 2 def. Enacted by Derrick.

Adminned at 28 Jun 2019 13:16:37 UTC

If there is no rule named “The War”, then create it. Change the rule named “The War” to read:

Any time there is no open campaign, the King may “Go on Campaign” as an atomic action with the following steps:
*Create three battlefields with randomly selected battle effects and names chosen by the king.
*Make a blog post listing the battlefields generated, and the campaign number, which for the first campaign is 1 and goes up by 1 for each subsequent campaign. This post is known as a campaign.

Battlefields created in this way are also added to the list of current Battlefields in rule “Battlefields”.

Any Wizard may participate in an open campaign by making a comment on the campaign in which they:
*Choose a battlefield from among those created for the campaign, and
*Submit an ordered list of 5 elements, each being either a unique creature from in their Stable, or left empty. Any creature thus listed cannot be removed from their Stable or used by the participating Wizard (such as in a duel or a campaign) until the closing of the campaign.

===Closing a Campaign===
If an open campaign has been posted for 72 hours, any Wizard may close it by making a comment on the campaign with an ordered list of five random numbers, generated as up to 2N+4, where N is the campaign number. Doing so creates a force with five creatures in the slots, of type Emu1 through Emu5, in order, each with a Score (on any battlefield) equal to the number generated for its place in the order. The force is called the Western Force, and its commander is the Armies to the West. (Any previous Western Force, with its creatures, is replaced by the new one.)

When a campaign is thus closed, one battle is created for each participating Wizard, on the battlefield they chose in participating, between a new force generated from their list submitted to this campaign (they become its commander) and the Western Force. If the Wizard becomes the Triumphant, they gain Courtly Favor equal to 5 plus the campaign number.

Regardless of their outcome, battles in the Western War are likely to have casualties. If a single creature in the Western Force has a higher Score than every other creature in that force, it destroys the creature in the same slot number of each opposing force. Creatures destroyed in this way are removed from any Stable they were in.


Fierce Emu warriors, as far as the eye can see.


derrick: he/him

27-06-2019 20:05:09 UTC

The casualties feel a little harsh. And ambiguous. Right now its unclear if the Highest Scoring enemy emu (compared to other enemy emus) destroys its opponent, or if emus that score higher than the force in the same slot destroy their opponents (which is what I think you mean).

Consider the degenerate case of 5 emus with score 1. They are all tied for the highest score among their force, and wipe out any opposing force.


27-06-2019 20:20:45 UTC

Correct, there should often be one top enemy, but by chance could be two or more (less likely in later campaigns). It’s the cost of war, is the same for all participants, and at roughly two campaigns a week would form a balance with the weekly food allowance, the favor rewards, and the natural max of 5 creatures.


27-06-2019 20:36:42 UTC

Oh, I guess my comment didn’t resolve your ambiguity question. The five emus are compared with each other, not the wizards’ troops. So even your toughest creatures could get unlucky by being in the wrong spot (but you might also have had a bit better odds for triumph if they were)


27-06-2019 20:57:54 UTC

Actually, I’m seeing the ambiguity more now. Just edited the last paragraph to hopefully make it clearer, and also now impossible to destroy in multiple slots. Thanks for the feedback.

derrick: he/him

28-06-2019 02:03:27 UTC


It’ll do.


28-06-2019 04:46:12 UTC



28-06-2019 07:18:52 UTC

for how am I supposed to get my Sponge back if it dies and nobody has breed it?
I suppose we can get to that part later.

Kevan: City he/him

28-06-2019 09:44:49 UTC

Survival of the fittest, card.


redtara: they/them

28-06-2019 11:43:32 UTC