Saturday, October 23, 2010

Proposal: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor

Passes at 9-0. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 24 Oct 2010 01:23:57 UTC

Create a new rule, “Specialties,” with the following text:

Every Agent with a Codename has a Specialty, which is tracked in the GNDT.  When an Agent is assigned a Codename, that Agent’s Specialty is set to Generalist.

The Specialties an Agent may have are as follows:

  • Generalist.  A Generalist may change Specialties at any time, without making a Story Post.
  • Lamplighter.  A Lamplighter may send messages as per “Communications” as a daily action rather than a weekly action.
  • Pavement Artist.  As a weekly action, an Pavement Artist may Skulk to a new Location by telephoning the Director with their new Location, in an email with the subject line “CODENAME skulks to LOCATION”, where “CODENAME” is the Agent’s Codename, and “LOCATION” is their intended Location. If valid, the Location change is considered to occur as soon as the email reaches D-Ops.  A Pavement Artist may not both Skulk and Walk within a six-hour period.
  • Scalphunter.  When attempting to Intercept another Agent on an Operation, a Scalphunter may use a Codename in place of that Agent’s name.  If the Interception is successful, the Scalphunter is then informed of the Agent’s name rather than their Codename.
  • Burrower.  A Burrower may, as a daily action, perform Surveillance even if they have already done so in their current location.

As a daily action, any Agent may change Specialties by updating their Specialty in the GNDT and making a Story Post in which they announce this change and reveal one letter of their own Codename.  No agent may make a Story Post purporting to reveal a letter of their Codename unless that letter is in fact in their Codename.  An Agent may reveal the same letter in multiple Story Posts, but only as many times as that letter actually appears in their Codename.  If an Agent has already revealed all the letters of their Codename in this way, they may continue to change Specialties as a daily action without making further Story Posts.

Upon enacting this proposal, create a new column, Specialty, in the GNDT, and set every active Agent’s Specialty to Generalist.

Even disposable agents should be able to distinguish themselves somehow.  On the off chance that you like this idea but have an issue with one of the potential specialties, I’d appreciate it if you’d propose a quick fix—and maybe add a new specialty of your own—rather than just voting Against.



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