Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Proposal: Tracking Air Drones.

Self-killed. Josh

Adminned at 24 Mar 2010 02:56:03 UTC

In the rule 2.9.1 Regalia Actions, add to the last bullet the following sentence

This effect only lasts for the week in which this action was taken. A County with an Air Drone is tracked in the wiki by putting {AD} after its name.



03-23-2010 10:11:25 UTC

against I’d read “A Commoner may double the cost of any other weekly action to perform it in a neighbouring County” as “immediately and once”.


03-23-2010 11:44:01 UTC

@Kevan: In that case, how can you possibly use air drones? Guess the exact moment at which someone else will perform an action, and air-drone them? Or am I missing something?


03-23-2010 12:53:09 UTC

I assumed they were meant to be used to play the Mechanical Army action in a neighbouring county (rather than the default “County in which the Commoner performs the action”), at an increase in cost. You’re just paying double for an increased range on your own actions, rather than crippling your opponents.

I can’t really see how else “a Commoner may double the cost of any other weekly action to perform it” could be read. The Commoner is paying double the cost of an action to perform that action himself.


03-23-2010 13:01:32 UTC

What Kevan said. The rule doesn’t double the cost of actions performed by other Commoners; it allows a Commoner to pay double to perform an action remotely.



03-23-2010 13:12:53 UTC

The current rules are still ambiguous about where Sentries get built, though; I’ll propose a fix to clear this up.


03-23-2010 13:35:12 UTC

josh: so that’s what air drone does, I thought the same as ais, well in that case it still needs rewording.


03-23-2010 13:39:40 UTC

I’m not sure that it does, Put; the current wording is not that ambiguous… But Kevan’s fix should hopefully put that to rest :)


03-23-2010 14:09:16 UTC

against S/K Kevan’s Proposal fixes it


03-23-2010 19:30:31 UTC

Just to show I have read this Proposal:  against