Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Four days have passed and I would like to be unidled. This dynasty seems very exciting.



23-05-2017 19:54:46 UTC

Although the ruleset states days four days in between unidling, it doesn’t state a specific amount of hours, so going by the day on the clock, I believe I can unidle you. Quorum becomes 6.


24-05-2017 01:12:40 UTC

That makes three agorans here! It would be interesting to set up some form of connection between the two comics.

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus: he/they

24-05-2017 01:15:32 UTC

There has been previously.


24-05-2017 01:19:32 UTC

Given how Agora is currently heavily economy-based, I fear that if we tie too much of their mechanics together, it might make it an incentive for Agora players to join here to just turn it into a Shinies mine of one sort or another.

However if its a connection for just novelty or entertainment generation on the margin of the competition aspects of either side, then I think it’s actually a super super cool idea.


24-05-2017 01:23:46 UTC

(my fear is mostly on Agora’s side because the relevance and weight of in-game formal items there is much much more than that of BlogNomic’s, because stuff here is so short-lived

Then again such abuse might not happen at all but I’d prefer to not need to tread into it in the first place because a lot of us - me included - are cheeky bastards and would enjoy that kind of exploitation and feel like a proud daredvil about pulling it off.)