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Proposal: V-P-L; P

Reaches quorum. 12-1. -Ornithopter

Adminned at 04 Apr 2010 21:44:10 UTC

If the rules “The Settlement” and “Energy” don’t exist then this proposal does nothing.

Otherwise, add a new subrule to the rule “Energy”, entitled “Tasks”:

A Colonist can perform the following tasks:

* Mine. This can only be performed by a Colonist adjacent to Rock. The Colonist may spend 8 Energy to turn the Rock into empty space and move into it.
* Chop wood. This can only be performed by a Colonist adjacent to a Large Tree. The Colonist may spend (4x) Energy to add x Wood to the Colony Stockpile.
* Fish. This can only be performed by a Colonist adjacent to water. The Colonist may spend 4 Energy to add 1 Food to the Colony Stockpile.
* Hunt. Any Colonist can perform this task. The Colonist may spend 10 Energy to add 4 Food to the Colony Stockpile. This may only be performed by once, by one Colonist, in a 24 hour period.

Add a new rule to the ruleset, entitled “Jobs”:

Each Colonist can have a job, which is tracked in the GNDT. The default is Peasant.

A Colonist can earn a job title by performing the same task repeatedly. A Colonist who is a Peasant may change their Job to any Job whose criteria they have met within the last week. A Colonist with a Job that is not Peasant may only change their job to Peasant.

The jobs are as follows:

* Peasant: Any Colonist can become a Peasant at any time.
* Miner: A Colonist who has performed the Mine task three times in one week may become a Miner. A Miner can Mine by spending 6 Energy instead of the usual 8, and may add 1 Rock to the colony stockpile each time they Mine.
* Woodcutter. A Colonist who has performed the Chop Wood task three times in one week may become a Woodcutter. A Woodcutter can spend 3x Energy to gain x wood instead of the usual 4x.
* Fisher. A Colonist who has performed the Fish task three times in one week may become a Fisher. A Fisher gains 2 Food each time they Fish instead of the usual 1.

Create a rule entitled Stockpile:

The Colony Stockpile is tracked at the wiki page Stockpile.

Revert any changes made to this page made after this proposal was posted and link to it in the sidebar, then add 4 Rock, 4 Wood, 10 Food and 1 Anvil to it. Change each Colonists’ Job to Peasant.



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04-04-2010 10:31:16 UTC

for nice idea

“A olonist who has performed the Fish task three times” should be “A Colonist who has performed the Fish task three times”, but this can be fixed by the enacting admin.

Is there any reason for using the phrase “This may only be performed by once, by one Colonist, in a 24 hour period.” instead of “As a daily action”?


04-04-2010 10:46:49 UTC

I think a daily action is better actually, as it will prevent it being done once at 23:59 and one more at 00:01

also, I don’t get the title, I think I’ve seen something similar to it somewhere in the DF bugtracker


04-04-2010 10:59:12 UTC

View preferences labour? what’s the extra P then?

Kevan: City he/him

04-04-2010 11:18:47 UTC

for Although we may as well track everything on the same wiki page.

[Keba] “Once, by one Colonist” is the tricky bit, although it could just be a daily Action with something like “this may not be performed if another Colonist has performed it earlier in the day, or within the past six hours”.


04-04-2010 11:57:34 UTC

imperial For now

I don’t really like the fact that the first 3 rocks you mine don’t get you anything… I think ore or something should be created, and you have to be a miner to get that, but you always get rocks.


04-04-2010 12:53:00 UTC

for Excellent.

Josh: he/they

04-04-2010 13:18:40 UTC

Put: Stockpile.

Keba - My way only allows one Colonist to do the action in 24 hours, rather than letting every Colonist do it once in the 24 hours.


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04-04-2010 13:47:14 UTC

Josh: oh, at both lines.

redtara: they/them

04-04-2010 14:07:13 UTC



04-04-2010 15:42:47 UTC

Kevan: Josh: Ah, ok, thanks.

Well, I do not know whether I like this point… But it‘s ok for now :)

Roujo: he/him

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04-04-2010 17:44:31 UTC

for Changing my vote

Darknight: he/him

04-04-2010 19:27:48 UTC



04-04-2010 20:41:55 UTC

I unidle.  Quorum rises to 10.  I don’t like that nothing says what the Colony Stockpile is.  I’m not talking about flavor; that much is clear.


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04-04-2010 22:29:50 UTC

Ah, whoops, I voted twice. My second vote for does not count. I completely forgot I voted on this…


05-04-2010 00:43:45 UTC

for  Idea: You can also Chop Wood on a small tree, but x has a fixed value of 1 and the small tree is removed from the map afterward.


05-04-2010 00:49:46 UTC

[Darth Cliche] Check out here


05-04-2010 03:49:01 UTC