Sunday, April 21, 2019

Proposal: Voluntarially Suffering Losses

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Adminned at 23 Apr 2019 04:24:22 UTC

Remove “If a contractor would loose as much or more money by completing a project they are the winner of than by canceling its project, any contractor or the Great Eccentric may cancel the contract.” from the ruleset.

I’m not sure why it’s important to force contracts to close if a contractor would have a net loss. Some real life companies take a loss in return for the less tangible resource of publicity or to make up a mistake. At any rate the option to cancel is still there to the winner.



04-21-2019 19:12:07 UTC

I think the point is that without an enforced loss, there’s no reason not to bid $0B on projects that you know you can’t complete.



04-21-2019 23:26:58 UTC

“Any Contractor may respond to a Delivery with a comment in the format “Bidding $XB”, where X is a non-negative integer greater than zero


04-22-2019 09:26:00 UTC

$1B, then. It’s not even a cost, is it? It’s just trying to agree a reward, and players who can’t win it are incentivised to give it the lowest possible reward.


04-22-2019 10:35:52 UTC

(Actually, it’s still $0B, you’re quoting the Delivery auction rule there, rather than the Project auction.)


04-22-2019 11:09:20 UTC


It needs to be forced to cancel at some point. At the point where you won’t receive any money for finishing the project you’re very behind indeed.


04-23-2019 04:22:57 UTC