Saturday, December 12, 2009

Votes needed

Proposal: I wish for a Pony! is currently tied at 10 votes both for and against, and only needs 2 votes one way or the other to be processed. Dustin, Falkuon, and Nausved have not yet voted. If nothing changes it will fail in roughly 15 hours, but until then it’s holding up the next 7 proposals (everything before Proposal: Get out of my Pepsi!), which can all be processed as soon as they reach the front of the queue.



12-12-2009 20:51:20 UTC

I CoV’ed in, and did it.


12-13-2009 18:32:56 UTC

Chill out, dude.  We’ve got a queue and a 48 hour time-out for a reason.


12-13-2009 18:55:47 UTC

I didn’t make a CfJ about it or anything crazy, and I didn’t ask people to change their votes. I didn’t even change my own vote. I made a single post asking the three players who hadn’t yet voted to do so.