Friday, May 15, 2009

Proposal: Voting out

Reached quorum (15-0), and ‘Back in’ addition added (15/15) - Devenger

Adminned at 15 May 2009 08:08:24 UTC

Add a dynastic rule called “In or Out?” with the following text:

Every Contestant except the Host is either In (default) or Out; this is tracked in the GNDT under the column “Status”. A Contestant who is In is known as an Insider; a Contestant who is Out is known as an Outsider.

There is a GNDT column called “Vote” whose legal values are blank, and the names of all non-Host Contestants; this defaults to blank. A Contestant can change their own Vote as a daily action.

At any time, if more than half of the Insiders have their Vote set to the same Insider, any Contestant can cause that Insider to become an Outsider by updating the GNDT accordingly.

If more than half of the counted votes on this proposal contain the phrase “Back in”, add the following paragraph to that new rule:

Whenever a proposal is enacted, if the Contestant who authored it is at that time an Outsider, that Outsider becomes an Insider; the admin who enacts the proposal is responsible for updating the GNDT accordingly.

Even if that paragraph is not added, Contestants are encouraged to propose some other method for Outsiders to end up back as Insiders again.

Well, we could always start by having some sort of voting players off, the public kind-of expect that.
Stealing rules from other TV shows is rarely a bad idea. Especially if they’re so generic that you can’t even tell what show they came from. Of course, we should make sure we still have the spare contestants around so we can send them back in again when we get bored…



05-15-2009 01:09:15 UTC

for Back in, explicit author for


05-15-2009 01:39:27 UTC

for Back in


05-15-2009 02:35:15 UTC

for Back in


05-15-2009 02:52:53 UTC

for Back in, but I may support repealing the “Back In” later if it causes Insiders to vote down otherwise good proposals by Outsiders.


05-15-2009 03:34:19 UTC

for Back in


05-15-2009 07:05:45 UTC

for Back In


05-15-2009 08:00:20 UTC

for Back in


05-15-2009 09:23:11 UTC

for Back in.


05-15-2009 10:50:37 UTC

for Back in.


05-15-2009 11:21:46 UTC

for Back in.


05-15-2009 12:37:47 UTC

for Back in.


05-15-2009 12:38:21 UTC



05-15-2009 13:14:39 UTC

for Back in.


05-15-2009 13:33:37 UTC

for Back in


05-15-2009 13:34:28 UTC

for Back in.


05-15-2009 14:05:31 UTC

for B- B- Back in b- b- before you b- b- break my heart…


05-15-2009 15:07:59 UTC

for  Back in, but voting people off isn’t all that generic - I’ve always associated it with Survivor, because most other reality TV shows just use judges.