Monday, May 11, 2009

We have a problem!

Devenger forgot to count Bucky’s auto-vote in Reorganize the Ruleset, and so it failed!

The fair play section has been changed since then…

So, what do we do?

Forget about the proposal that should have passed?  Forget about the change?  Leave the change, but move Fair Play to the core rules?



05-12-2009 00:02:12 UTC

I say that we should re-propose the change and see if it passes. That seems the most elegent solution.


05-12-2009 02:54:49 UTC

leave the change and move it. I’d retro-pass the mucked proposal since it was an admin error.

@Wak: Doesn’t make sense to repropose the change. It passed, even if you didn’t like it. If ya don’t like it, propose a repeal.


05-12-2009 03:01:05 UTC

I’m a bit miffed about the manner in which the modification passed - 3 FOR, 4 AGAINST and 2 DEF.


05-12-2009 03:55:35 UTC

if dev voted the Def’s count as what he voted


05-12-2009 08:41:04 UTC

I need to make an anthology of all the hilarious screw-ups I’ve made in resolving proposals. If this doesn’t encourage someone else to have a go at using their admin status for proposals, I don’t know what will…

Despite Rodlen’s URL hyperbole, I think this can be resolved sensibly. Kevan specified in his proposal “Rule 3.6 (Fair Play)” - stating the correct name of the rule is surely enough to make clear what it is, making the number unnecessary (there is only one Fair Play rule). Therefore, I think that if we rewound time, passed the proposal I accidentally failed, then passed Kevan’s proposal, it would work fine, and the amendment would be made to the new, Core version of the rule.


05-12-2009 16:24:50 UTC

I say we fix it via CFJ.


05-12-2009 16:33:07 UTC

w/e. I don’t mid the rule, I just thought that that would be simplest.


05-12-2009 21:57:02 UTC

Yes, that is me on the IRC.  ;)


05-12-2009 21:58:30 UTC

Sweet! Hi Yoda!