Monday, December 10, 2007

Yggdrasil Challenge: The Ride of the Valkyries

Summary: Some of the winged horses of the Valkyries have gotten loose from their pens, you must bring them back.
Challenge Rating: 5
Prize: 5



12-10-2007 20:42:38 UTC

I don’t want to set a precedent for such high prizes (at least, not yet).  As things currently are, the only possible negative consequence of making an attempt at the challenge is that failure means that another attempt can’t be made for a week with that same Einherjar.  Which means that basically, no one has any incentive _not_ to attempt the challenge, and going through the motions of the attempt is simply a chore that everyone will do if they want to stay ahead.  Eventually, we should make it so that deciding which challenges to accept is actually a strategic decision rather than a chore.

With this in mind, the Prize is being lowered from 15 down to 5. against


12-10-2007 20:53:02 UTC

Ah, good point. Yes, I was thinking of some negative reasons, such as a loss of acorns, or experience, or even some other negative effects on the Einherjar who failed. The effects could even be related to the Challenge itself somehow. Like you could get wounded, lowering stats for a time, or something like that.


12-11-2007 03:53:11 UTC

Lola Montez (roll was Scholasticism) uses her knowledge of the winged horses to locate their favorite food and entice them into their pens.