...oops… (27 comments) I only just now remembered to decide whether people are cultists. If you joined

I only just now remembered to decide whether people are cultists. If you joined or unidled after the doomsday cult proposal passed, please say so here and I’ll decide whether or not you’re a cultist.



09-03-2009 22:30:31 UTC

I have no clue what the doomsday proposal is, when it was passed, or what a cultist is.  And Wakukee is gonna get mad at me for babbling.


09-03-2009 23:00:17 UTC

That doesn’t tell me what a cultist does, but it sounds fun! :)


09-03-2009 23:00:49 UTC

Also, to clarify things, the doomsday cult proposal passed on August 31 at 18:10:24 UTC.


09-03-2009 23:03:32 UTC

Fun!  But what is a cultist? And what is the Doomsday cult?


09-03-2009 23:09:26 UTC

The Doomsday Cult is a cult that caused the zombie apocalypse, and is one of the three “factions” of the game, along with the survivors and the infected. Cultists are members of the Doomsday Cult. No-one knows who the members are, not even the members themselves…

Being a cultist has no effect… yet.


09-03-2009 23:10:19 UTC

No-one has unidled within the last 48 hours, so this is moot. No-one else is becoming a cultist…


09-03-2009 23:11:54 UTC

Cool!  Unfortunately, the apocolyps hasn’t happened yet.  The apocolyps is the end of everything.  That means there would be no survivors, no rubble, no nothin.  But It would be fun to cause the apocolyps.


09-03-2009 23:15:03 UTC

I tried to unidle, because I’m clearly not idle, but no one has bothered and I don’t care that much, even though it sounds cool to cause the end of the world.


09-03-2009 23:28:50 UTC

The apocalypse has already happened - In this sense, it refers to the end of civilization,. This is post-apcalyptic. Also, the word “apocalypse” is not spelt “apocalyps”.


09-03-2009 23:32:33 UTC

You say tomato I say tomato.  I will attempt to correct my spelling of apocalypse.


09-03-2009 23:34:05 UTC

Thank you.


09-03-2009 23:37:27 UTC

No problem. PLease un-idle me though.  I would like a chance at causing the apocalypse.


09-04-2009 00:04:11 UTC

...the apocalypse already happened.


09-04-2009 00:29:21 UTC

Also, for a detailed explanation of the entire game, click here.


09-04-2009 01:54:10 UTC

Darth, I strangely feel like editing that link away.  For a good reason.


09-04-2009 02:07:39 UTC

Rodlen, If you do that I will make a proposal to ban you. For a good reason.

Ienpw III:

09-04-2009 03:16:16 UTC

LOL, I laughed so hard ^_^

Kevan: HE/HIM

09-04-2009 09:07:58 UTC

A Rickroll with enough Javascript to force a novice user into killing their browser? Nice move, Darth.

You might find it funny to annoy a new player, but don’t forget that we sometimes have innocent lurkers reading, who’d probably expect the Emperor to bother explaining the game.

Dr. Melon:

09-04-2009 12:54:38 UTC

I joined after the Cultist Proposal.


09-04-2009 16:32:33 UTC

Kevan: It was more of payback at Darknight, who sent me to the same rickroll. Come on, DK, come on…

I will now make a genuine explain-the-game document.


09-08-2009 17:07:22 UTC

Also, you all just lost The Game!

It is the fundamental nature of games that when someone loses, they are no longer playing. Therefore, I am free, because I have won before. Q.E.D.


09-08-2009 17:08:13 UTC

I mean I’ve lost. I haven’t won.

<insert pile of xkcd-related replies here>


09-08-2009 21:53:03 UTC

It was annoying and I had to shut off the computer


09-09-2009 00:00:54 UTC

...what was annoying? The Game? The rickroll?

(Hint: Use CTRL+ALT+DEL next time you get rickrolled.)


09-09-2009 17:18:44 UTC

Quoth the Fearless Leader: “No-one knows who the members are, not even the members themselves…”

Bzzt, thank you for playing.  I quote from the rule set:

Whenever the Leader determines that a Survivor is a Cultist, the Leader ***SHALL*** alert the Cultist via PM but shall not alert that Cultist of the identity of any other Cultist.

So if the Cult exists, then each Cult member should know that he is in the Cult, no?


09-09-2009 18:33:08 UTC

Well yes, but I was referring to the “but shall not alert that Cultist of the identity of any other Cultist” part - so the members don’t know who the other members are.