Thursday, May 28, 2009

A clarification?

How would people feel about a proposal that did the following?

Add after the first sentence of Rule 2.5:

For example, if the Character Claude_Monet posted a diary entry on the first of January the proper title would be: Diary Entry - 01/01 Claude_Monet

I still don’t quite get why this rule is so confusing as written, but since it has spawned two CfJs, neither of which clearly solve the problem, a rule based fix seems in order, but I need to understand the confusion to fix the problem. Notably, this example shows what I think the rule already says, since the outermost quotes contain the required title language and “Name” and “mm/dd” are defined terms in the rule.



05-28-2009 16:23:27 UTC

What’s wrong with “The title of a diary entry shall include the words ‘diary entry’, the name of the Contestant posting the diary entry, and the date that it is posted (disregarding capitalization and syntax to the extent that such disregard does not result in ambiguity)”.  Then we wouldn’t have these stupid foot faults.


05-28-2009 17:52:12 UTC

I don’t think it’s a huge deal at this point, now that we’ve established that we’re being lenient.


05-28-2009 17:56:23 UTC

for  but change Character to Contestant.


05-29-2009 05:22:07 UTC


Ienpw III:

05-29-2009 15:58:14 UTC