Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A question for clarity.

This is simply to expand my knowlege. The formula is -5R+C. I’ll use myself as an example.  R + C is -57 + 146 = 89. Then it is multiplied by negative five, correct? That would equal -455. Now, obviously the spirit of the rule was not to make cash as a way of destroying cash, but it’s not clear in the rules what to do when the formula (which I may be misunderstanding) gives a negative number, so I figured, hey, I can try. I would have reset all the numbers myself had I been given the chance.

Now I know my not-so-great math know-how seems to bother some people, but I posted this so I myself could learn and avoid misunderstandings in the future.



07-24-2007 15:23:17 UTC

For your edification: According to the rules of math, given an equation, multiplication is always figured before addition.  Therefore, -5R+C should be calculated as though it were (-5R)+C.

To use your example, the equation would look like this: (-5*-57)+146 = (285)+146 = 431.  Remember, a negative multiplied by a negative equals a positive.

And that’s why it’s impossible using this formula to destroy a negative amount of cash.


07-24-2007 15:48:51 UTC

oh yeah… I remember that now…
Here’s what I did: In an effort to figure out what R and C was, I did that addition first, somehow envisioning them in parenthesis. 
I feel kinda dumb now, because I REALLY should have known that, I just forgot.

My humblest apologies.

Now I will go see if there’s anyone who I can actually take over the right way.