Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Story Post: A simple test:Building the Machine

At last, we have enough pieces to run a simple diagnostic test to see if the machine is working properly.  The proposed test runs require the complex interactions between a stacked POW, WTS and HALT. This test has the side purpose of seeing if the Power Manifold is powerful enough to move objects.  I’ll also need a CKP for support.




05-29-2007 14:16:26 UTC

There is no part “KCP”.  Did you mean “CKP”?

The initiator condition of WTS is: “There is a 1x1 piece on top of this piece, and the space to this piece’s left is empty.”  Does “this piece” refer to the WTS, or to the 1x1 piece on top of the WTS?

We really need a link to the workbench from the main page.  (I posted an alternate format for the workbench chart which I think is much more intuitive to edit than the one you posted.

I think we need to collapse all Positions and let anybody propose the addition of a Part to the Workbench, subject to vote.  (I would suggest that a single Worker can make a proposal to add multiple pieces to the Workbench in a single Proposal.)

Amnistar: HE/HIM

05-29-2007 16:18:22 UTC

I’m fine with that idea :)


05-29-2007 20:37:02 UTC

I’m good with both a test and collapsing all positions.


05-29-2007 20:42:25 UTC

But, the HALT will stop everything before it starts since it has a 1x1 piece above it, correct?


05-30-2007 03:15:13 UTC

Not if the Power Manifold triggers first, causing its conditions not to be satisfied, or if it is on top to begin with.


05-30-2007 04:20:29 UTC

Oh, and for .


05-30-2007 17:20:17 UTC

Right, right, since it does not all start working at once, it works by place on the workbench.


05-30-2007 19:21:09 UTC

... *examines which parts will be working in the machine during the test* Bucky, you are one clever dan…


05-30-2007 21:45:03 UTC

Just so you were aware of this:

The Initiation Condition of Power Manifold (POW) is:
Either or both of the following is true:
(i) Power Switch is set to “On”; or
(ii) the Initiator condition of any Part that is located in the Square directly below the Power Manifold is satisfied.

Note that condition (i) currently cannot be met since there is presently no such Part as the “Power Switch”.


05-30-2007 21:45:41 UTC

Also, CIN is intended to be less dangerous than CKP.


05-31-2007 05:00:25 UTC

Story post passes.  I will add the parts once some Admin passes “Downsizing”.