Sunday, December 13, 2009

Admin Note

Note to admins (especially Darth Cliche):

When you admin a proposal as failed make sure to have the vote count in For-Against-UnresolvedDef order. That is, if something failed with 1 FOR and 15 Against, write it as:

Failed 1-15.

rather than

Failed 15-1.

It just looks better that way.



12-13-2009 09:05:28 UTC



12-13-2009 09:45:53 UTC

No it does not, atleast to me Qwaz. I grew up with the idea that you put the bigger number first, as long as you state what the meaning is.


12-13-2009 09:46:41 UTC

That, and don’t tell the other admins how to post lol. We’re not sheep


12-13-2009 09:49:42 UTC

If it;s understood, it really doesn’t matter…


12-13-2009 09:51:09 UTC

Thank you Wak. I have never heard of any vote, here or in RL where if something was voted down it went lower number-bigger number.


12-13-2009 10:47:52 UTC

If you object to how something is formatted, make a proposal so that we can get a consensus on it - don’t just tell people that they have to agree with you. (I don’t really mind how things are formatted so long as they’re clear from context, but find the “FOR-AGA-DEF” markup confusing, as it can easily be read as “FOR-DEF-AGA”.)


12-13-2009 18:05:27 UTC

I didn’t think it was even contentious, until recently every Proposal I’d ever seen adminned was in FOR-AGAINST-DEF format. If we want to do it the other way, fine; just so long as it’s uniform.


12-13-2009 18:47:14 UTC

Why does it have to be uniform? The larger number is the outcome by definition; mandating a format seems astoundingly pointless.


12-13-2009 19:02:59 UTC

I thought it was intuitive but ppl do it different ways.


12-14-2009 20:02:53 UTC

Josh, just to play devil’s advocate, since the largest number is, as you point out, obviously the outcome, using the format of For-Against-Def makes no LESS sense than arbitrarily deciding that the largest number must go first.


12-14-2009 20:06:29 UTC

It seems odd to start playing devil’s advocate when both proposals have been voted down ^_^

Nevertheless, if all options are equally sensible, then mandating one over all others is not an optimal outcome.