Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Proposal: boon swap

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 19 Nov 2019 18:31:51 UTC

reword the list of boons to read

*Fencer: New Action: Thrust Storm: Reduce the Monster’s HP by 1 + Y, X times, where X is the amount of Fencer Boons you have and Y is the amount of non-Fencer boons you have (For example, it is reduced by 1, 3 times, which would be a total of 3).
*Mercenary: New Action: Dual Slash: Reduce the Monster’s HP by 6, 2 times.
*Commander: Each time the an Adventurer loses HP due to your Battle Actions , they lose X more HP, where X is the amount of Commander Boons you have.
*Gunner: New Action: Shoot: Reduce an Adventurer’s HP by 12 + X , where X is the amount of Gunner Boons you have. You can only perform this Battle Action up to X times during a Battle, where X is the amount of Gunner Boons you have.
*Medic: New Action: Heal: Increase the HP of any Adventurer by 10, plus 5 for each Medic Boon you have.
*Persistence: Whenever the Monster loses HP and you’re Unconscious, gain X HP, where X is the number of Persistence boons you have.
*Exorcist: New Action: Banish: Reduce the monster’s HP by (12 + X)% of its current HP value, where X is the amount of Exorcist Boons you have.
*Brawn: Your Max HP is higher by 20.
*Bishop: New Action: Pray: Choose any number of Adventurers and increase their HP by 1 + Y X times where Y is the number of other boons you have and X is the number of Bishop boons you have. Increase the Cathedral’s health by 10.


If the proposal “dead men are dead weight” (https://blognomic.com/archive/dead_men_are_dead_weight ) has not been enacted
Make a new rule titled “Reset” with subrules of each Adventurer’s name containing the text

The Adventurer whose name matches this rule may remove all of their boons if the date is before the 20th of November by repealing this rule.

feeling like these needed a change. we all have only 5 of one type, why not add some more diverse ones or even ones that reward or mitigate losses for having other boons.



19-11-2019 05:31:22 UTC

A little too much going on, here, sorry. against

Exorcist is too strong. Bishop is cool, if a little redundant. Fencer-Commander looks interesting as a path to dealing consistent fixed dmg, but loses the command flavor. And I don’t think Persistence actually does anything!


19-11-2019 06:27:15 UTC

exorcist decreases in usefulness quickly as the monster’s health decreases, maybe it should start at 10% instead of 13%?
commander as it is now eats your action for little effect. maybe some different flavor for what it’s called in this proposal?
i meant persistence to affect only non-unconscious players, now it just auto revives them oops against


19-11-2019 06:48:16 UTC

How about adding 2-3 to max boons, instead of resetting what we’ve already chosen? You can throw in something for Monsters, to maintain balance.

Exorcist relies on Max HP of monster, not current HP.

And Revival is solely defined as using Revival, now, so recovering health doesn’t do it, anymore.


19-11-2019 08:14:42 UTC

I guess that might work, I just wanted to give people the option of a fresh start after switching things around

This proposal had reworded exorcism to work based on current hp “Banish: Reduce the monster’s HP by (12 + X)% of its current HP value,”

Oh didn’t realize that last part. Bishop would be a little too strong in retrospect I’d they kept on bringing people back


19-11-2019 08:52:21 UTC

Swag veto

The Duke of Waltham: he/him

19-11-2019 10:56:58 UTC

Piling on… against

I’ll have to agree about Persistence: an Unconscious Adventurer specifically “cannot be affected by any Battle Action other than Revival”, which means that even with this Boon, the Adventurer’s HP would remain stuck at zero. (We’re not using “target” language, therefore it covers any Battle Action reducing the Monster’s HP – or anyone else’s, for that matter.)

The proposed version of Exorcist is indeed too strong in this proposal, because it doesn’t take three turns; though I’d actually like to see a (10+X)% hit in the current, three-turn version, which seems rather weak to me.