Thursday, October 30, 2008

Duel to First-Blood:Thursday Night Fight Round 2

I notice there’s no rule against Clan Lords running two Duels at the same time.  Please note in your message which round you’re fighting in.



10-31-2008 04:48:35 UTC

I’m in


10-31-2008 04:55:12 UTC

Fight 2 BTW, of course.

Hello Sailor:

10-31-2008 13:16:53 UTC

I’ll fight in this duel.

Hello Sailor:

10-31-2008 19:29:25 UTC

Tried sending my moves via PM, but it says that you’ve got PM disabled.  I’m also apparently not allowed to use the email console.  Am I screwed?


11-01-2008 02:26:11 UTC

arthexis / Hello Sailor (result)
Dodge / Grab   (tie)
Grab=4 / Grab=3 (tie)
Dodge / Grab   (tie)
Punch / Grab   (Hello Sailor intercepted)

Hello Sailor takes 1 Wound.  Arthexis wins the duel and may claim his Honor.

Hello Sailor:

11-01-2008 03:12:49 UTC

Oops.  Hadn’t realized that the rules were about to change regarding which stats helped out with which moves.