Friday, April 12, 2013

Economics 101

Set the wealth of each family (York and Lancaster) to equal 100.

Enact a rule entitled “Borrowing”:

As a Weekly Action a Noble may borrow money from their families treasury, by removing the amount they wish to borrow from their families total wealth and adding it to their own. They must keep track of the amount they borrowed in the wealth column of the GNDT in the following format: “[wealth] (B: wealth borrowed)”.  For every week a noble fails to pay back the full amount of what they owe, an additional 10% (rounded up to the nearest integer) is added to the amount they owe. A Noble who owes money may not achieve.

If a families treasury falls below 10 wealth and a Noble, who does not owe more than 10 wealth and who wants or needs to borrow money, that Noble may recall debts. Recalling debts forces all nobles who have borrowed money from their family’s treasury to pay back 5 wealth. If, after this recalling of debts, there is less than 20 wealth in the family’s treasury than the recalling of debts continues to occur until there is either more than 20 wealth in the family’s treasury or there is no money left to be paid. Any Noble who can not pay back money that they would have to due to the recalling of debts is forced into bankruptcy.

Clarification Note: The two families are separate for the purposes of this rule. Thus, if there is a recalling of the debt in the Lancaster family, this does not affect the York family.

Enact a Rule entitled “Bankruptcy”:

Once per week, a noble may declare Bankruptcy (this is only for declaration of Bankruptcy, not for being forced into Bankruptcy).
A Noble who decides or is forced to declare Bankruptcy sets their wealth to “0” getting rid of all debt. If they do so, they lose one title per 5 wealth they owe rounded up (thus, owing 4 wealth would still result in a lost title and owing 7 wealth would result in 2 lost titles), starting from their highest title. They also loose 5 dignity.
When any titles that are lost due to this rule are purchased, the wealth spent to purchase the title is added to the treasury of the family of the Noble who lost the title. Thus if Noble A of the Lancaster Family becomes bankrupt and loses their title of Earl of X, when the title Earl of X is purchased, the 6 wealth used to purchase the title is added to the Lancaster Treasury.

A reworking of the borrowing mechanic. Also, the York family is much too prudent with their money to become Bankrupt, that’s why the Lancasters were used in all the examples.



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